Missing Person: Sandrine Jourdan

Please note: This article has been written by a guest writer.

The disappearance of a Caboolture woman is not the typical missing persons case that can simply be written off as a suicide.

Sandrine Jourdan has not been seen since Friday 13 July 2012. She would now be 45 years old.

Sadly, it appears that authorities have too easily pigeon-holed her disappearance as a suicide, pending further information, due to her mental illness and lifestyle choices.

But the mother of three deserves better. There is nothing to suggest that she had decided to end her life on this day and with no indication to family and friends, or letter, especially to her children, mental illness and drugs is not a prerequisite for such a determination.

With so many missing cases offering little or no avenues of enquiry, Sandrine’s case has many odd and bizarre circumstances surrounding it. None of which surpass the discovery of similar clothing worn by her and possessions located at the rear of a property, adjacent to the premises she was said to be last seen alive. That property, the home of friend John Boegheim, who is related to the founders of the multi million dollar Hema Maps family dynasty.

Oddly even though police had conducted extensive searches around the time of Sandrine’s disappearance, it was a close friend Taz Miller, who after talking with owners of surrounding properties realised police had failed to search those around the Boegheim property.

The evidence uncovered was confiscated by police and hopefully has been stored and preserved. If it was discounted the family deserve to know why.

Thrown into the mix is a bizarre suicide pact suggested by another friend Brad Ainsworth the night before Sandrine vanished. Concerned for Ainsworth’s welfare she told her mother about the conversation. Obviously, the pact was not followed through as Ainsworth is still alive today.

Also perplexing is a detailed letter written under the pseudonym Rosella Bunton, urging ex-partner Michael Bulla to forget about her and move on with his life. Police established the letter was sent from Horsham, Victoria. It was determined that the author knew Sandrine and her personal details intimately. Forensic testing by police failed to identify or exclude specimen handwriting. Another piece of evidence that needs further investigation.

Coroner Christine Clements mentioned in her findings much of the above details and surrounding events that took place around the time Sandrine vanished. She also made particular mention of a former boyfriend Ian Connard, whom she had made allegations against and told various people she ‘feared for her life’.

When police originally handed the file to Clements, she opted not to hold an inquest and ruled it was possible Sandrine had been murdered, but also believed because she suffered mental illness and had used drugs it was more than likely she had killed herself. A bit of an each way bet unfor

Sadly, it is my personal belief Sandrine has met with foul play. I also believe all of the evidence and police investigation needs to be re-examined and further investigations made. It is a missing person case that holds too many clues to be written off and gather dust.

Do you have information that could help locate Sandrine Jourdan? Contact CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.


2 thoughts on “Missing Person: Sandrine Jourdan

  1. Sonyah Reply

    I totally agree with your findings. From the very start it was ultra sus. The weird phone call to her brother in the early hours. She left everything behind. The jacket still on the post at the end of the drive way. She has never been sighted. If suicide where is her body. NO bank accounts touched, no contact with her kids. Nah she was murdered for certain. The police need to take this as serious. She was taken from her family and not the cops nor media have ever seemed to care. Her family had to fight just to get her story on the news because she wasn’t deemed as news worthy. Her family need closure.

  2. redacted Reply

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