Your preferred Corporate Investigator in Australia.

With experienced, professional investigators, Online Investigations provides corporate investigation services that support the litigation process and the interests of your company or business. 


Why Choose Online Investigations 

Collecting collaborative evidence and working with companies to protect themselves from fraudtheft, and other security threats are the main things that drive Online Investigations as an investigative firm. We provide experienced consulting, analysis, and comprehensive evidence packages to safeguard clients against any form of misconduct.  Our innovative, mitigating solutions reduce risk, minimise loss, and enable clients to function to their fullest potential. 

The scope of our corporate investigation services covers both online and offline activities. We tap into our investigative tools to make our investigations as accurate and holistic as possible. Through our information gathering system, we can effectively support litigation procedures and any interests of our corporate partners.  


Expert Private Investigators in Australia 

Online Investigations’ advanced team can also work with you to uncover misconduct within corporate, civil, and criminal cases. We employ private detectives in Sydney and other parts of Australia who have extensive experience in the industry. These experts will stop at nothing when it comes to providing quality private investigation.  

After we have gathered all the relevant information, we then present the results to our clients. We tackle investigations with prudence and keen attention to detail.  


Where other Corporate Investigation agencies may give up…We dig deeper!


Full Range of Corporate Investigation Services 

Using a thirdparty offline and online private investigator means you can have the utmost transparency and unbiased documentation, quick turnaround, legislation compliance, gap assessments, and more. Below is our comprehensive suite of corporate investigation services: 

From our assessment, we then assist you in choosing the services that would fit your current situation. Different problems call for different solutions. As an agency that firmly believes in creating custom solutions, we work hard to make sure that no question is left unanswered.

Corporate Investigation Services in Australia
Corporate Investigation Services in Australia

Custom Investigative Solutions 

We have worked with countless corporate partners over our years in the industry. In those years, we have learned that different corporations will always have different concerns that have to be tackled. This is why we do not just pigeonhole solutions in to every scenario. We consider your situation, needs, and requirements seriously as well.


Services You Can Trust

Consulting with private investigators can strengthen employee relations and reputation. Not doing so can leave your company vulnerable to external threats and attacks. When the future of your people and your company is at stake, working with reputable investigators is indeed an investment worth taking.  

Want to avail of our corporate investigation services or perhaps you would like to know how Online Investigations can assist your business? Contact us now for a detailed consultation. All enquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost discretion.