Background Checks and Investigations

A background check or background investigation can help to find out pertinent and specific information on an individual for a wide variety of reasons.

Each of our background investigations are individually customised to each clients needs and requests. There are numerous and wide-ranging types of information that can be obtained on an individual via a background check.

Examples of the types of information typically requested are Identity verification, employment status, relationship status, address and phone, vital statistic verification, education and civil records are to name a few.

Looking to undertake a Background Check?  We can assist with:

  1. Personal Background Check
  2. Pre-Marital Investigation
  3. Corporation Background Checks
  4. Employee Background Checks
  5. Pre-tenancy Checks
  6. Pre-purchase property Investigations
  7. Online Dating Background checks

Since every case is unique, we highly recommend that you contact one of our investigators so that we could indicate the type of investigation will work best for you.    All inquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost of discretion. Online Investigations offers both male and female investigators and are highly experienced in both online and offline infidelity.

We provide private investigator and detective services Nationally (Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Sydney and other major cities) and Worldwide.