Locate / Missing Persons Investigations

Locate / Missing Persons Investigations are conducted to find the current whereabouts and uncover the contact information of a subject.

Typical Subjects include relatives, lost loves, friends you’ve lost contact with, former co-workers, a parent who is avoiding paying child support, people who owe money and/or companies/businesses that have moved.

1. Missing Persons: Examples of such cases are runaways, absconders, missing children and adults under suspicious circumstances. These cases involve agents out on the road undertaking extensive inquiries.

2. Locate Investigations: These are undertaken to find a subject and provide the client with the most up to date information regarding them.

Experienced investigators who have extensive training and backgrounds in law enforcement and private investigations perform these investigations with quick and accurate results.

Please note: Do not confuse our locate services with other companies who conduct database searches only.  These type of searches typically only offer information which is out of date, imprecise, and often inaccurate.

Our advanced missing persons investigation and locate investigation at Online Investigations will provide you with an updated current address for the individual you are seeking.  We can start the trace with as little information as a full name but sometimes may require a little more.

Since every case is unique, we highly recommend that you contact one of our investigators so that we could indicate the type of investigation will work best for you.    All inquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost of discretion. Online Investigations offers both male and female investigators and are highly experienced in both online and offline infidelity.

We provide private investigator and detective services Nationally (Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Sydney and other major cities) and Worldwide.

Online Investigations was the chosen investigation agency for Channel Ten’s show “Long Lost Family”. We were the sole investigator chosen for the project.

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