Private Investigator Julia Robson

Julia Robson, a former policewoman and licensed female private investigator in Melbourne, is the director of Online Investigations. With a background in the New Zealand police and international experience as a corporate investigator in the UK, Julia has honed her skills and expertise in online investigations. 

She is the creator of a #1 podcast in Australia and New Zealand, “Chasing Charlie,” which documented a seven-year investigation into a conman.  Her second podcast, “Troubled Waters” was released in June 2024 and reinvestigates the 2011 death of a 24 year old woman.   It has already gained worldwide attention charting in America, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Julia’s media work includes appearances as the investigator on Network TEN’s Long Lost Family, Foxtel’s Real Housewives of Sydney, and Mix FM’s PI Case Files, which helped the station achieve its highest ratings ever.

With certifications in investigations, security and risk management, and policing, as well as accreditations in cyber intelligence, Julia brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her role as a private investigator.

Licence Registration Number: 760-486-91S