Law Firms & Solicitors

We assist law firms and solicitors in their legal processes by locating respondents, witnesses, and beneficiaries. Our services ensure that legal proceedings can proceed efficiently and effectively. With extensive experience, we handle complex matters such as historic witness locations, statement taking, and conducting thorough background checks on involved parties.

Commercial Clients

Our investigation services aid commercial businesses and companies in locating individuals, conducting comprehensive background checks, and performing complex investigations. These services help solve problems and facilitate civil proceedings, ensuring businesses can operate smoothly and effectively.

Media and Production Companies

Using our investigation services we can locate individuals, undertake complex investigations to support journalists and provide additional training in the open source intelligence space. We can also support current productions by locating archived footages and images as well as providing consultancy services in relation to investigation matters.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies rely on our expertise to locate individuals involved in claims, such as individuals involved in historic claims, especially when conventional methods have proven ineffective.

Real Estate & Property Owners

We support landlords, tenants, real estate agents, and property owners in legal matters related to rentals and property ownership through our comprehensive skip tracing and location services. Our extensive experience includes locating former tenants on behalf of landlords pursuing legal action.

Liquidators & Insolvency Experts

We provide essential support to liquidators and insolvency professionals by locating assets, identifying respondents, and managing corporate ledgers. In a notable case, we assisted a liquidation company in identifying and locating a superyacht owned by a Director who had failed to disclose this overseas asset .

Government Agencies

We collaborate with local councils, state, and federal government bodies, offering assistance on various matters and providing support to law enforcement when needed. Since 2018, we have also provided training to government agencies on Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Non-Profit Organisations

Our services aid non-profit organisations in locating individuals, conducting complex investigations, and providing specialized investigative assistance. We frequently work with animal safety organisations, and a recent investigation we conducted contributed to a law change in NSW.


We cater to individuals needing assistance in locating persons for legal documents as well as locating family members and missing persons. For more complex matters, such as thorough background checks or revisiting cold cases of a loved one we also offer personalised and diligent investigative services.