How to find someone in Australia

Are you wondering how to find someone in Australia?  Online Investigations Pty Ltd, your preferred Private Investigator Melbourne, have put together a simple and straightforward list which can assist you should you need to locate someone in Australia.

There are many legitimate reasons why someone would want to find an individual in Australia.  A missing person,  old friend, high school sweetheart, family member or even someone who owes you money – typically we as investigators hear these reasons the most.  So what can you do if you need to locate someone?

1.  Make a list

Like most things in life – preparation increases your best chance of success.  What information do you already know about the person?   When attempting to locate someone take the time to sit down and compile a list of everything you know about that person.  For example:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Last known addresses/telephone numbers/email/social networking accounts
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Spouse name/Children’s names/Other family members

This information will provide you the beginning parameters of your search.  For each piece of information you have, this not only offers you additional avenues to follow up – but it also verifies that the information you have obtained is for the correct individual!  There is no point trying to locate a “John Smith” in “Australia” – this will only result in millions of matching results.  Ideally you will also know his middle name, date of birth and at least a State to search in!

Furthermore, creating a list can also uncover a wealth of additional information which you may previously have thought had no bearing on locating the individual.  Having knowledge that the individual you are trying to locate is a keen rower for example, may help you locate him at a local rowing club or event.  Do not discount any information you know about the individual.  As investigators we have located thousands of individuals on the most obscure piece of information which our client originally thought wasn’t initially worth passing on.  If you choose to engage a professional service to locate someone, a great investigator will take the time to ask you questions about the individual and identify information which you may not have previously thought important.

Now that you have your list this can also be useful to an investigator if you choose to engage one further down the track.  As most investigators charge on an hourly basis, any information you can provide about the searches you have already done will ensure your investigator is well briefed prior to beginning of their inquiries and also prevent them from doubling up on searches.

2. Identify mutual friends

Do you know anyone who may know where this person is?  The best advantage you have over a professional service and/or databases are mutual friends who are willing to help you.

In the majority of cases, people are more than happy to pass on information about someone if they know who they are giving it to.  This gives you a distinct advantage over an investigation company who may have to spend time gaining an individuals trust before they will release information to them, or in some cases even use pretexting to obtain the desired result.

3. Use

By now the list you have made should be complete with as much information as you and your associates can possibly recall about the individual.  Based on this information you can now utilise free online resources to further unravel the mystery of where the individual may be.  We highly recommend using as this not only provides links to the most relevant resources in Australia, but all resources are mostly free or have a nominal fee. These are the same resources that investigators and inquiry agents will begin their searches at, so you know by using these you are on the right track.

PItoolbox offers resources categorised into States, occupations and social media.  Take the time to work your way through the most relevant links and record your results on your list so have this for future reference.

4. Use for access to historic records

If you have limited information or the individual you are trying to locate is over the age of 55 then a fantastic database you should be looking at is  Containing electoral rolls up till the year 1980, this searchable database allows you to identify possible middle names, other family members, possible burials, family trees, marriage records and/or immigration records.  This is a database we as investigators use on a regular basis and has allowed us to achieve fantastic results without having to scour through microfiche at our local library.

Through the following link we offer the opportunity for a free trial of their database (which is a fantastic offer given a yearly fee is over $400!).  Use the following link: Ancestry Free Trial

5. Use to access their DNA Database

If you are trying to locate an unknown family member (particularly in regards to birth parents / siblings) then consideration should be given towards adding yourself to a DNA Database.  Sometimes you may not know the full name of a family member (eg child resulting from a one night stand) or you may know little about your family history (eg adoption).  By adding yourself to a DNA database, you will be notified of any common links between your DNA and other individuals who are also joined.  This is a fantastic tool when it comes to connecting with extended family members.  When you join, you join under an anonymous profile and if you match to other individuals on the database, you have the opportunity to connect with them through their messenger service on the website.  Your details will only be exchanged between both parties if consent is given and the opportunity also exists to share family trees and further establish the ancestral links between you both.

To join the DNA Database and find out more information use our link here: AncestryDNA®

6. Engage a professional and licensed private investigator

Despite your extensive efforts, if you are still unable to locate the individual then it is time to consider engaging a professional skip tracing and location agency.  Choosing a suitable private investigation company may be difficult and how to decide on the best one for you is covered in our previous blog titled how to choose an investigator in Australia.

It is important to remember that despite the fact you may have conducted extensive efforts with no success, private investigators have an extensive knowledge base in locating individuals.  Although they are not the Police and don’t have access to the same databases as them, the advantage for using a private investigator is that they have subscriptions to a number of databases which members of the public don’t.  The majority of these databases charge an annual fee which is simply too expensive and uneconomical for members of the public to pay for a one-off search.    Use of these databases, together with their expertise in interviewing, making discreet inquiries and speaking with their network of contacts will ensure the highest rate of success of finding your missing person.

Online Investigations Pty Ltd are private investigators in Melbourne who have extensive experiencing in locating individuals, witnesses, debtors and Defendants.  Their expertise has helped locate individuals which other investigation companies have previously failed at.  All location inquiries are conducted using a range of offline and online investigation methods – simply put, we get results.

To enquire about our range of location methods and obtain a free consultation please contact us or alternatively call us anytime on 1300 884 596.

Online Investigations Pty Ltd are a private investigation company based in Melbourne, Australia.  Experienced private investigators and detectives in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and Worldwide. Servicing Canberra, Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and International.

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106 thoughts on “How to find someone in Australia

  1. karen atkinson Reply

    hi i am looking for my husbands long lost children named julie natalie and stuart

  2. David Yardley Reply

    I am trying to find a lady I knew back in 1978 her name was Kay Coombes and she lived in Penrith. This is just an innocent request as I would like to get in touch with her after so many years Cheers

  3. Rhealyn Mainit Casinillo Reply

    I’m looking for Ms. Zarah Villanueva Mainit now known as Zarah Chown. Would like her to know that her Tatay Elmo died last July 26 this year. Hope she can come visit the Philippines to settle his Tatay’s properties and estates.

  4. Roy Ford Reply

    I’m trying to find my dad whom I havnt seen for about 14 years. His name is Lance Ford & he would be approx 70 now. He is married to Freda. He is a Kiwi & she is English. The last time I saw them they were living in a caravan & travelling around Queensland.

  5. Wei David Zhao Reply

    I am looking for my first love Li Xiaomei, who is rumored living in Wolonggang, NSW or Orange, NSW area. According to my old classmate, she is currently working in a nursing home. She was originally from Yangzhou, China. If any body has any info about her, please let me know.

  6. renee tang Reply

    my name is renee have twin sister melody.
    i born in 08/10/1980 queen elizabeth hospital woodville.
    Im looking for mum. her name is Elizabeth Ann Chaplin.
    guessing around 52 years old. at that time she lives in 9 stacey st dudley park 5085. this is all we got info about her..

  7. l dang Reply

    I’m looking for a male name Nguyen Gia hoi , came to Pert ,Aus in 1984,he born in1961 he had an aunt who married with an australian congressman, That all I know about him, finding someone in another country is the hardest, I search in white page but no luck, Please tellme which way should I look, Thank you

  8. Chris smith Reply

    Hi I am looking for my son Jacob carle smith born 15/08/1995 .. Living somewhere on the south coast N.S.W.. His mothers name is Ann Burtenshaw

  9. craig bradley chapman Reply

    lives in sydney dob 26-1-1969 urgent friend is dieing can anybody help me

  10. Alison Jade Reply

    We found him! Thank you so so much for your information. I found my cousin in Brisbane!!! Merry christmas to you online investigations. God bless you

  11. joanne wilson Reply

    looking for john drew who lived in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. Family

  12. max sparrow Reply

    looking for pat/patrica scott who lived at tyrone guest house,buxton, victoria in the early 40s till the early 60s. has marriage since.would like to meet her.

  13. Daniel Reply

    I am looking for a long lost mate of mine. His name is Jeff Searle, He is around 35 years old. I lost contact with him around 10 years ago. He had just recently moved to “Howard”, Qld at the time, after living near Tweed Heads, Nsw for a few years. Prior to that he lived on the Central Coast, NSW when he was younger.

    He was one of the best mates I ever had. I really need to find him.

    • Daniel Reply

      Also, his fathers name is Gary Searle and he is an electrician and his mothers name is Gail Searle. He also has a sister but I can’t remember her name.

  14. mary grace anetin Reply

    I am looking for lachlan barrie lived in Nsw australia,your son is still looking for you in the philippines.please contact us 6309359909999.

  15. mary grace anetin Reply

    I am looking lachlan barrie was born on june 21, in 2/21 mosmen australia.your family in the philippines need you..

  16. ken foster Reply

    would like to find the vines family, they came toAustralia ,then arrived in New Zealand in 1965 lived in TOKOROA New Zealand, for about a year then went back to Australia or maybe England , however i have been looking for these people for over thirty years now ,and someone out there must know of their whereabouts, their names are, john vines, jill vines, paul vines, and debbie vines, debbie was born in Australia, if anyone can help find this family i would be most gratefull, of course the family are now into their 60,s now. please contact me on facebook nz or my email address. thanks ken

  17. Alen Reply

    suche meinen Opa der Miro Deljo heisst, letzte bekannte Adresse war 65 Market Street, Essendon, Victoria, Australien

  18. saeed Reply

    i am looking for tony grier or tony grier or marsel grier born in syria and moved in 80s to australia

  19. ade Reply

    im looking for my friends, her name is jennifer clare matthews and kaye paddington, last time i meet them was 1980s,in Sydney, i m looking forward to met them, at that time they live in Bondi Junction Area, does any body know?

  20. ade Reply

    im looking for Jennifer Clare Matthews, last time i meet her she is living in Bondi Junction Sydney, her parent live in Narromine, Jenny’s sister name Kerry .

  21. christopher boyle Reply

    im looking 4 my dad, i live in new zealand and he has gone to australlia i have never met him his name is tobey hall or tobais hall i have been trying to find him for years and still no luck all i could find out was he lives in aus thanks chris

  22. Brian Reply

    I am looking for Leslie Gordon PIKE (approx.70 years of age) lived at Donald Street, Footscray, also at 70 Lincoln Street, North Richmond. nee3d to0 tlk to him re a will.

  23. Brett Irwin Reply

    Iam looking for uncle Johnny king played for St George rugby club in 60s and 70s

  24. Mpendulo Hlatshwayo Reply

    Iam looking for Jennifer Lukasik who was a teacher in Swaziland her last adress 3/13 Austral St Penshurst Sydney,Austria

  25. matt hartman Reply

    Niel Monahan? who played for the goulburn hawks aussie rules side around mid 1980 and met a woman named Sharon? your son is desperatly hoping to meet you one day.. h6rr6rc6re AT yahoo DOT com

  26. mark Reply

    Im looking for a very good freind who lived in Nollamara,eastbourne creasant,named Candy thomas,,around 1979,,

  27. cheryl Reply

    hello I am trying to find a raymond charles stephens possible living in a place called virginia or near by in queensland
    he was born 15.10.1953

  28. cheryl Reply

    raymond drove taxis for black and white cabs in
    virginia queensland possible owner driver
    so if you know his where abouts contact by replying on here please

  29. Courtney Reply

    Hi, I am looking for my fiancé brother who has not been seen by any family for about 20 years.. His name is Karl Burgess he left Yankalilla SA and went to queensland. The last any of the family heard, about 6 years ago he was still there. His dads name is Frank, step mum Glenda and has brothers Scott and Bodie and a sister Simone. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, he has a nephew I would love for him to meet. Thanks

  30. Billie-JAN Reply

    Hi – would like to reconnect with Bruce John Cawley. Sister’s name, Sandra. Parents Alfred (Jack) and Mary Cawley, both deceased. Formerly lived in Brighton Victoria, believe to have lived around the Bayview/Newport/Mona Vale NSW area, 2004. Extremely difficult for me to search as I am located in Michigan, USA. Any leads or help appreciated.

    • Peter Dougan Reply

      Hey billie jan i may need ur help my dad is bruce john cawley and ur right his sister is sandra and his dad is jack and mary

  31. Mishelle Horn Reply

    Im looking for my brother whom Ive never met he,d be 53 now .I found out about him over 10 years ago.(He doesnt even know he,s adopted I think)
    My Family wont tell us anything much just that my mother had him in 1960 and gave him to our Aunty Janet.His name is Ian Bass, and lives in Whalen Nsw ??

  32. shane summers Reply

    im looking for Lee Knowles from Sheffield area in Tasmania the prick owes my old man 8 tonne of wood

  33. Lavenia Reply

    Hi i am looking for my father his is Laurie nole Elliott. I haven’t see him since I was born.He was a manager for Burns Philip com in Fiji in 1977,1978and 1979maybe my mother said he is from Melbourne, australia
    They met in fiji

  34. Eva cipi Kaso Reply

    Please I want to find my causine Brian cipi sun of bektash cipi he have a brother named alen cipi and a sister Laurianne cipi please help me to find them in Sidney perhaps

  35. Hana Reply

    I want to find George Moldoveanu, biologist and veterinary doctocr who moved from Rumunia live in Australia in 1988. He has daugther Dana born in 1977 and older son.

    • Franco Reply

      I believe the name of his older son is Sorin and he lives in Brisbane, Australia.
      His father George Moldoveanu lives in Gold Coast near Brisbane.

  36. Ping Reply

    Looking for Barbara Horseman who was living at the Oriental Private Hotel, Milson Road, Cremorne 2090 Australia in 1980.

    She was originally from England. Would like to catch up with her.


  37. nadia Reply

    i m looking for my friend karim shazly, he s egyptian living in Melbourne, cant join him i m so concerned about him, his phone number 432402948


  38. Rudy Tang Reply

    I am trying to find a lady I knew back in 1985 her name was Itsuko Noro and she used to lived with me in Sydney NSW, she used study Australian College Of English in 1985. This is just an innocent request as I would like to get in touch with her after so many years Mis Her so Much

  39. Myka Reply

    Hi I am trying to find my partners great Uncle. He was sent to Australia, from England in 1950 (he was 15 years old) his name is Anthony R Eck and his birthdate is 12/09/1935. He has a twin sister Theresea who would love to get in contact with him. Any information is warmly welcomed. Thanks, Myka.

  40. Portia Cockburn-Muller Reply

    Hi I am trying to locate my Dad, his name is Daniel Paul Muller, I would also like to contact my twin Brother and Sister, Daniel and Imogen. I lost contact with my Dad about six years ago and I am desperate to reunite with him. He lives around the Maroochydore area or Sunshine Coast. He works as a Disability Carer or in that industry. Last known partner was Shelly. Mother to my twin siblings is Cathy Bennett, previously from Hervey Bay now living in Budrim. My brother Daniel plays for Oztap at Maroochydore and my Dad has played AFL most of his adult life.I am now 15years old and my Dad is very important in my life as Cancer has affected my family immensely. If anyone can help me or knows the whereabouts of my Dad could you please help me find him. Thanks , Portia Cockburn-Muller.

  41. Kathryn Reply

    Hi. I’m looking for a man who was born at Vaucluse Maternity hospital, Brunswick, Melbourne on 30th August 1961. Thanks.

  42. nicki Reply

    Hi, im looking for an old friend by the name of David Starrett. He used to live in Willagee WA

  43. Adrian Riley Reply

    I’m looking for an old mate Mark Van Bruggen (Old Yella) last know we’re abouts Broome WA also his occupation Chippy/Builder his DOB 15/01/71-72 we were born on same day. Also he had a wife Kelly and two kids. If any one can give me any info please email me on it would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

  44. Ancient650 Reply

    I am trying to find my friends father. I have his name (Stephen Beaumont, father of Ethan) occupation (Military, like his mother/wife. Father in intelligence(brigadier general?) mother in Navy (Rank unknown)) Ethan is currently in Yr 11 at Marist College Canberra. Father has been Defence Attache, Seoul for Australian Military. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail

  45. azmi yusoff Reply

    Im from Penang Malaysia, use to work in a hotel there back in the 70’s…..met someone while working, an Australian by the name—Lee Anne, if im not wrong last know address—24 Mountbatten street, nsw , Australia..
    its been many years now that we have lost contact in the thin air..would very much like to be in contact again if possible….that would be great…

  46. sarah carseldine Reply

    Looking for my partners children …. Mother Tamarah Hobbs last living in Kallangur qld. Children Ashalea and Aiden Gibson Hobbs

  47. Binh Reply

    Hi, I really need help finding ts
    Two friends DOB one is Mr
    Maher Muawwad lives at Unit 49 4-6 Lachlan St
    Liverpool NSW 2170 and the other is
    Miss Shalendra p Sharma 33/4-6 Lachlan St
    liverpool NSW 2170

  48. Rudy Tangkudung Reply

    I am trying to find a lady I knew back in 1985 her name was Itsuko Noro and she lived in Sydney Bondi Beach NSW. This is just an innocent request as I would like to get in touch with her after so many years Cheers

  49. Tujeni Maharjan Reply

    I am looking for a person named Suon Shrestha who lived somewhere in Sydney.I just want to talk him once in my life So,Please help me

  50. arishia Reply

    Hi, I’m in search of a person called Santhosh B S from India but now living i Australia since 2002. As i know he lived in Sydney and his DOB is 03/04/1975. Pls help in finding him as i just want to speak to him once before i leave this world. Kindly help me to find him.

  51. annie Reply

    hi I am looking for my my brother from another mother Jamie aragon last known where abouts Adelaide south Australia 026\83 he has also lived in Melbourne and queensland please contact me if you are reading this jl or someone can point us in the wright direction with information his mother is in desperate need to see or contact him due to declining health conditions his youngest nephew his hanging to take the remote control car he gave him for xmas before he left for its first run as he refuses to use it until his uncle returns his big bro misses there lame arguments and I miss my shopping cocktails and cognac sharing if anyone could please help with any info to put the much loved missing piece of the family together would be greatly appreciated please contact on or thankyou

  52. Karen Bell Reply

    I am trying to find my cousin Graham Moffatt who lives in Australia. The last known address is in pacific pines on Gold Coast in Queensland. Just wondering if anybody has any information so that I can reconnect with him nod his wife.

  53. debra Reply

    Hi My name is Debra Kelly, I live in the NT. I’m coming up to being 43 yr old and I’m looking for my Father.. All I ever known about his guy is he’s name: David Barrett/Barritt. My mum’s name was Georgina Kelly… hope someone can help

  54. Brendan stannett Reply

    Looking for David forredi his son brendan stannett is searching for him it’s his father had relationship with Kim stannett and brendan has been searching for his father brendan is turning 35 in nov we cannot find him

  55. Frances Johnson Reply

    I’m trying to find my dad Keith N Johnson, Far as I know he’s still living here in Darwin NT he also use to drive for one of the Darwins taxi company. I’m here in Darwin now on holidays from WA and i hoping to see him.

  56. Kathleen Reply

    I’m hoping one day to find my farther. however I don’t know anything about him really not even a name. Only that he left when my mother told him she was pregnant with me. Apparently he left and joined the reserves. She dose not talk about him at all.
    I’m in 2 frames of mind about it really but feel I need to know.
    Apart from talking to my mother about him, if i can get a name what should i do next?

  57. gabriel Reply

    I’m trying to find my dad his name is Frederick Graeme Taylor he would be around 70-80 years old. He met my mum in Fiji around 1987. My step brothers name is Joshua Taylor and step sister is Melissa they would probably be around 30-40 years old now. Any information would be appreciated.

  58. Suzy Reply

    I am searching for my husband’s address…i have name and dob and mobile phone number…mothers name. Fathers name. Brother and sisters name.

  59. Marie Legg Reply

    Hi I’m looking for my mother in West Australia i don’t know her address she was born 27th July 1930/31 in Victoria her name is Betty Legg i don’t know if she is alive many thanks

  60. Ian Maclagan Reply

    iam trying to locate a wendy jackaman (maiden name)last known address woorabinda , caramut victoria. australia it is 45 years since i lost contact with her i know she had two sisters janet and judy

  61. Ian Maclagan Reply

    please if possible give me any infomation you may have regarding wendy as i dearly love to make contact with her or her two sisters

  62. tara Reply

    hey all my name is tara hartwig my birth name is tara walters or fitzibbon I was born in Belmont in nsw on the 1st of January 1991 I’m looking for my farther I don’t no his name or what he looks like please I have spent 26years not knowing who he is please help

  63. Tracey Reply

    Hello my name is Tracey and I am looking for my biological father by the name of CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM SMITH. DOB: 24/11/51 in Mildura VIC. He was enlisted in the Australian Navy and his Personnel number is R43531. Mothers name Lorna Duplock and her listed address on his sailor card is 26 Pembroke St, Ashfield. I have tried numerous avenues and keep coming back with no information…. if you can help me my email address is :-/

  64. Barbara Martin Reply

    Trying to find our son Alan Siddells .He lives in Melbourne somewhere ..We haven’t seen or heard from him in 10 years ..

  65. Shron Parsons Reply

    Hi my name is Sharon Parsons and I am looking for my Baby cousin Margaret hespa Skinner from Forbes NSW larst seen in Dubbo NSW 18 year’s ago I have been looking for her every where don’t know what to do help I need help to find her Margie if you see this I love you my mate just let me know your safe that’s all just safe my no is 0421727644 if Anny one no’s her please help and phone

  66. Peter Reply

    Hi I’m trying to find my father.
    Paul Mitchell. His father is Percy Mitchell who died in 1978.
    He was in signals in Penrith in the 1970’s.
    My mother is Adrianne English.
    I was born December 1972.

    • Peter Reply

      He previosly lived in Mulgoa and then Llandilo.
      Went to Kapooka in 1972.
      Last known occupation was bus driver at Bosnjacks.

  67. Zoya Reply

    I am lookinh for my cousion he went to australia back in 1995 when i was 6 months old .
    His name is Tariq Mahmood or Tariq Mahmood Yasin . Firs he was living i think in sydney then he d when he come to knw we are comng to see him .
    Please help me to find him out

  68. MARIE LYNAGH Reply


  69. Jessy Aprichard Reply

    I am looking for my father, he left in 1991 from Solomon Islands.He is an Australian.

  70. heather mcneilly Reply

    hi I have been trying to find Mr Mark Scerrie I think that is the right spelling of his sir name he used to live at Miranda nsw was a spray painter at the time he would be 72 years old now It is very important that I find him he has a brother Rupie sister Sonia Twannie and Adreanne hope you can help me thanks heather

  71. Lynne Reply

    Looking for Ian Wilson or Willis who lived at 34 George St, Manly, NSW in September/October 1967. He worked as a waiter at a hotel on the Corso at Manly, played guitar, and I think he liked surfing

  72. Luiza Menezes Reply

    I am trying to get in touch with my husband who is in Sydney Australia. Please let me know as to how I may share his information. I am available on email: I am based in Mumbai, India,

  73. Liane Reply

    My father long lost father Gregory Beardmore had other children who I’ve never met. would like to make contact.

  74. Sarah Haskell Reply

    Looking for Rock Anthony Chamberlain, of nsw. No luck trying for years via search engines, with the whole Ayres rock dingo thing covering thousands of pages of results. Previous legal issues in his life, but no luck tracking whether alive, incarcerated or deceased now. Searching for medical history. I believe he had other children who would be around 30 now. He had many tattoos including spiderweb on his knees.

  75. Keyarnee Reply

    Looking for Kenneth Brian Manson my pop (I don’t even know if he knows I exist). In July of 1976 he was 24 years of age married to Joyce Lorraine Scott at the time and was a station hand at “Weenyah” Gulargambone NSW. he was born in Coonamble that’s all I know.
    I was taken into foster care when I was 5 and my biological mother left me when I was 6 months old so I have no one I can ask.

  76. Jillian Naughton Reply

    I have found my husband Stephen Arthur Naughton after nearly 5 years. I now need a phone number so I can Contact him and get a divorce. He is now living in Junee NSW.

  77. Paul Westcott Reply

    Looking for the address of Clive Baxter in Bundaberg. He is accused of very serious offences against children from the 1980’s in the UK.

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