COLD CASE: Who killed Amanda Byrnes?

COLD CASE: Who killed Amanda Byrnes?

UPDATE 23 May 2022: The unsolved murder of Amanda Byrnes now has a $1 million dollar reward for any information leading to the successful conviction of her murderer. To view our interview about this case please watch “Million Dollar Murders” – Amandas Fight. (Airdate 23 May Channel 9)

Cold Case: Who killed Amanda Byrnes?

In the early hours of Sunday morning on 7th April 1991, Amanda Byrnes was working in St Kilda when she was abducted, savagely beaten and her naked body left near the Elwood Life Saving Club.

Despite witnesses and the appearance of a number of leads her murder has remained unsolved.

Perhaps there wasn’t enough information and/or evidence to identify her killer/s.

Perhaps not enough time and resources were given to her case because of her occupation as a sex worker.  These were different times.

Whatever the reasons, it is difficult to look at the black and white image of the beautiful 23 year old woman and wonder why no-one has ever been brought to justice for such a disturbing crime.

Was Amanda’s murder by the hands of a one time killer/s or was it linked to a number of other serious assaults, rapes and murders towards sex workers during the 1990’s?

Editors note: Information shared in this article has been gleaned from open source records and our company has not been instructed to work on this matter privately.  This is a case that simply needs to be solved and the more attention we can bring to it may help bring answers. 


  • Amanda was allegedly last seen alive just after midnight on 7 April 1991.
  • She had been working as a sex worker in St Kilda and allegedly standing near the intersection of Carlisle and Foster Streets.
  • A Morris Mini 850 panel van, either White or off-White in colour allegedly pulled up nearby and the driver spoke with another worker, Wendy. Wendy felt he was a time waster and went back to her spot to tell Amanda about him. Amanda allegedly approached the van, spoke with the driver and returned briefly to Wendy to tell her she was going with him and would not be long. Amanda allegedly got into the van and it drove away slowly, but erratically.   **Note: This version of events is in doubt.
  • It was not long after this several witnesses saw a woman’s legs coming out of the open passenger door of the van.  The witnesses said it looked whoever was inside was trying to escape.
  • Witnesses chased the van in their own cars but lost sight of it.
  • Eight hours later, Amanda’s body was found near the Elwood life saving Club.
  • She had been ferociously beaten and reports state she had 16 separate injuries, including skull fractures, a broken jaw and broken ribs.

Key Clues To The Case

  • The Morris mini panel van (either White or off-White).  About 1800 of these vehicles were registered in Victoria at the time
  • The driver of a similar van seen in the area was described as: Approx 30, Caucasian, Brown hair about collar length, and of a medium build and height.  He was also described by a witness as “rough-looking”
  • A security guard who witnessed the panel van claims to have seen a large dog in the rear window, possibly a Rottweiler.
  • The murder weapon was originally described as a “wad cutter”. This was never found.

Amanda Byrnes

  • Amanda Byrnes was 23 years old in 1991.
  • Originally from Sydney, she had moved to Melbourne only two months prior.
  • She had been staying at the Esquire Hotel with her partner Carol.  Amanda and Carol also worked together on the Streets of St Kilda but on this night Carol had been unwell and remained in their room.

 Notable Crimes In The Area

  • By 1991 there had been 59 rapes in St Kilda over a three year period, more than in any other municipality.
  • In February 1991 there had been four reported rapes in nine days. Two of these were St Kilda sex workers.
  • Sex workers in the area had complained of a dramatic rise in rip-offs, bashings and muggings.
  • 7 September 1992: Tome Srbinovski, 49, offered a lift home to a sex worker he picked up in Carlisle Street, St Kilda.  Instead he drove her to a paddock in Altona, where he bashed and raped her.
  • 1 February 1994: Three years after Amanda’s death, St Kilda sex worker Michelle Copping (26) was murdered.  She had been strangled and dumped face down in a laneway off Blessington Street. Darren Paul Cox from Eaglehawk was later found guilty of her manslaughter.
  • 29 March 1994: St Kilda sex worker Samantha Louise Mizzi, 23 was found naked and beaten in bushes on the corner of Brighton Rd and Blanche Street, St Kilda.  She later died from her injuries – multiple skull fractures possibly caused by a blunt instrument.  Her killer has never been found.
  • 1 April 1994 – A St Kilda sex worker raped by two men. She had initially got in to their car, a Sedan, on Barkly Street, before they drove her around Melbourne for two hours while assaulting her.
  • 26 May 1994: Steven Richard Smith, 31 and Craig Robert Douglas, 27 were remanded to appear in the Melbourne Magistrates Court charged with the rape and abduction of a sex worker in Melbourne.  Smith was later sentenced to 15 1/2 years of jail.
  • 21 July 2013: Tracey Connelly was murdered in her van which had been parked in Greeves Street, St Kilda.  She had been working as a sex worker and died from multiple injuries. Her killer has never been found.
  • Between 2000 – 2001: Adrian Ernest Bayley brutally raped at least 15 St Kilda sex workers, with only five prepared to give evidence.  He would later commit further sex offences and in 2015 would make worldwide headlines for the rape and murder of Melbourne based Irish woman Jill Meagher.


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“Tip on killer to win aware”- the Age 5 June 1994

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“Police look for link in prostitute killings”- The Age 2 February 1994

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Someone out there knows something.  Can you help solve the murder of Amanda Byrnes or can you assist in any of the unsolved cases mentioned?  You can make an anonymous phone call to CrimeStoppers at 1800 333 000 or via their website at  Alternatively, contact us directly via our contact us page.

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15 thoughts on “COLD CASE: Who killed Amanda Byrnes?

  1. Margaret Reply

    So tragic there has been no arrests. Surely the Morris mini must have been tracked down? RIP Amanda and my heart goes out to her family after all these years with no answers

  2. Online Investigations Team Post authorReply

    He would have been 20 at the time. A reported timeline of his crimes dates back to 1990 (a year before this crime) when in June 1990, Bayley raped a 16-year-old girlfriend of his sister when his wife was five months pregnant with his first child. Two months later he attempted to rape a 17-year-old girl and threatened to kill her as she walked home from a bus stop. He poked her in the eyes several times and ripped off her clothes. In December, he abducted a 16-year-old hitchhiker and took her to a remote area before trying to rape her. Media reports state he was “later arrested” in 1991 and pleaded guilty in June to those offences and was jailed for a minimum of three years. There does not appear to be a record of when this arrest occurred.

    You can find out more here:

    • morrisminivan Reply

      did he drive a morris mini in 1991?
      providedhe not in jail before june 1991 then timeline fits? also fits with murder of michelle copping?

        • Online Investigations Team Post authorReply

          It would appear Adrian Bayley was arrested five days after committing a rape on 12 December 1990. After pleading guilty he was later sentenced in June 1991.

          It is likely he was already in custody at the time of Ms Byrnes murder.

          “On December 12 1990 he would strike again – this time a teenage hitch-hiker aged 16 walking along the Woori-Yallock-Healesville Rd.

          After taking her to an isolated spot the girl tried to escape. Bayley (Edwards) grabbed her face, putting his hand across her mouth and forced her head down towards the top of his legs.

          His victim, however, escaped and took the number of his car and would later identify him in a line up.

          Under police questioning five days later, he denied any involvement over 367 questions and produced a falsified diary to give him an alibi.”

    • Ali Reply

      I was in my own thoughts and a name of Amanda 1991 came up to me so I searched it up and found this. Does Amanda have a brother by the name Josh/Jamie/Tom/Ben/Jeffrey ?

  3. Trevor Field Reply

    Ms Byrnes and Ms Mizzi died in very similar circumstances all be it 3 years apart. I am amazed that the Morris Mini 850 van inquiry seemed to have just stopped. Police did not stop searching for the Hyundai in the Silk-Miller case.

  4. Online Investigations Reply

    IMPORTANT NOTE: The vehicle involved in this case is a Morris MINI panel van.
    Later articles incorrectly reported it as a Morris Minor panel van. This is incorrect. It is a Morris Mini panel van.

  5. Christie Reply

    Would he have been released in 1994? Maybe he had something to do with the Barbara Michelle Copping death. Her killer has not been found would you be interested in looking into this now? Her son is searching for answers

    • Online Investigations Team Post authorReply

      This comment has been followed up privately, however due to recent interest we can confirm an unrelated individual was found responsible for Ms Copping’s death.

  6. Tess Reply

    Could you not run a list of white morris mini panel vans registered in vic in that year… search them all. Its an odd car

    • Online Investigations Team Post authorReply

      Thanks Tess. The police are understood to have done this. The vehicle was in very bad condition so it may have been unregistered or false plates.

  7. Leonie Stopp Reply

    I believe that Adrian Bayley or Edwards as he was known back in 1991 is a strong contender for the murder of Amanda Byrnes and he may have spray painted his mini van. The crime seems to fit in with other crimes he committed in that time frame and in that area of StKilda and Elwood. I sincerely hope that Amandas killer is finally brought to justice.

  8. Kes Byrnes Reply

    Thanks, online investigations. You are all giving me hope.
    Please keep it going!

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