Belle Gibson: How her digital footprint exposed inconsistencies and lies.

Belle Gibson, creator of "The Whole Pantry App" appearing on Sunrise before the controversy broke.
Belle Gibson, creator of “The Whole Pantry App” appearing on Sunrise before the controversy broke.

Once recognised as a “fun, fearless, female” by Cosmopolitan in 2013, doubts now surround the cancer claims made by The Whole Pantry app creator, Belle Gibson.

We take a look a deeper look at her digital footprint to understand the inconsistencies in her claims:


– Prior to doubts surfacing, read any media article about Belle Gibson and she would be quoted as stating she was 20 years old in June 2009 when first diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

– Corporate records show she was born in October, 1991 which would have made her only 17 years old.


– Belle Gibson alleges to have been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer in June 2009.  Only a month earlier she had told members of a skateboarding forum she was undergoing three heart surgeries, had prepared for chemo, and was in rehab for a period of time as a result of a cardiac arrest on the operating table.

– Perusal of her personal blog however shows a different side to Belle at this time.  Photos recovered from this blog tell a story about a girl who, in July 2009, had recently arrived from Perth to Melbourne and spent her days smoking, drinking, eating junk food, partying and obtaining a tattoo on her elbow.  These photos also show a Belle with long dark hair – a striking contrast to the allegations she had “cut her hair to prepare for chemo” less than a month before.

– Images located on her now deleted twitter page depict a girl in October 2009 who enjoyed socialising and baking cookies, despite these posts being scattered among tweets about needing to be “tested for secondary cancer” and blaming the government for her condition.

– In January 2010, Belle appears to have decided to take up a healthier regime as her Amazon wishlist  consists of several water filtration systems.  Perhaps this healthier lifestyle is due to Belle’s pregnancy which she seeks advice from on the pregnancy website “What to expect“.  Not surprisingly however her blog entry suggests none of her friends believes she is actually pregnant!

– Despite still claiming on the pregnancy forum to be older (20) than she was (18) at the time, it would seem she appeared to be more forthcoming with the truth as in one response she stated “whether I think it or not my body probably is in decent shape”.  

– Although Belle does reveal on the pregnancy forum she had been “detoxing because of cancer” she goes on to say when she takes “1/2 a supermarket strength panadol it knocks me about because I guess my system is so clean now“.

– In July 2014 Belle claimed to have liver cancer and was living a healthy, gluten free lifestyle.  This was despite images located online depicting Belle drinking what appeared to be beer and/or cider with her current partner.

– Recent images located on Instagram and Facebook show Belle Gibson in a bikini and also also in dresses with low plunging necklines showing no signs of scars as a result of three heart surgeries.

Timeline of events

For ease of comparison, a timeline of events and claims has been compiled for easy reference.

The timeline can be viewed here: Belle Gibson

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  1. Scarlett Reply

    Thanks for the Info Julia~~~~Appreciated ~~~ there are a lot of tricks and traps out there for the unwary and naive, aren’t there. ~~~~~

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