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Our previous Pro Bono investigations have included:

Chasing Charlie Podcast – The life and crimes of Paul Bryan Gill

Chasing Charlie Podcast

Original concept and writing by Private Investigator Julia Robson.

Release Date: 18 May 2020

Approached with a seemingly routine case of a jilted lover, private investigator Julia Robson begins to uncover the unsettling saga of unscrupulous conman Charlie. Relentless, determined, and whip smart, ​Julia embarks on a seven-year mission for ​the redemption and justice of victims around the globe, who under closer observation aren’t your regular shrinking violets. ​Chasing Charlie is a true story of crime, dominance and deception with dark ​sexual undertones.”

To listen to the seven-part podcast:

Long Lost Family – Channel 10 Network

Search consultant (and on air investigator) locating family members who lost touch as a result of adoption, emigration, divorce and other family separations.

Release Date: April 2016

View episodes here

Series 1 · Episode 1

In the series premiere, Chrissie Swan and Ahn Do tell the real and moving stories of people searching for lost family members.

Series 1 · Episode 2

28-year-old Shane, who was adopted out at birth, yearns to find the birth mother he never knew. And Colin, 68, is on a quest to find his estranged son, who he hasn’t seen for over four decades.

Series 1 · Episode 3

Chrissie Swan & Anh Do will guide and support 42-year-old Terri King, a terminally-ill woman running out of time to find the mother who thought adoption was her daughter’s only chance at a decent life.

Series 1 · Episode 4

Debbie is determinded to find her father after learning that her mother is terminally ill. Plus, Trevor searches for his birth mother who gave him up for adoption when he was just a baby.

Series 1 · Episode 5

A 76-year-old man searches for the daughter he abandoned at a tragic time of grief. Meanwhile, 69-year-old Patricia searches for the daughter she gave up when she was a teenager.

Series 1 · Episode 6

21-year-old Tiffany searches for her half brother & sister on behalf of her mother Catherine. With only a hospital bracelet and a box of photos, 20-year-old Shantelle, searches for her older sister.

Series 1 · Episode 7

49-year-old Susan searches for her biological mother Brenda. Meanwhile, 45-year-old Natalieann longs to reconnect with her father Bill who she has not spoken to for 24 years.

Series 1 · Episode 8

47-year-old Amanda searches for her biological mother after the passing of her adoptive parents. Meanwhile, 53-year-old Jenny tries to track down her birth mother to understand why she was given up.

Mix 101.1 Private Investigator

A total of 20 on air cases were investigated during 2014.

During this period the breakfast show made the Number 1 top FM spot for the first time ever.

A selection of these can still be listened to at:

Case #1 – The catfisherCase #2 – The cheater
Case #3 – The american army sergeantCase #4 – Searching for father
Case #5 – The high flying conmanCase #5 – The high flying conman
Case #6 – The disappearing fatherCase #7 – The cancer faker
Case #8 – Long lost brothersCase #9 – The Nigerian scammer
Case #10 – The adopted daughterCase #11 – The mystery man
Case #12 – The absent fatherCase #13 – The honeymoon deserter
Case #14 – The vanishing boyfriendCase #15 – International son hunt
Case #16 – Find my familyCase #17 – The invisible family
Case #18 – Secret Facebook LifeCase #19 – Lured into a cult
Case #20 – Underbelly fatherPlus additional adhoc investigations

60 Minutes  (Australia and New Zealand)

Private Investigator Julia Robson travels to Malaysia to assist in the sting of an organised crime gang preying on romance scam victims in Australia

Release Date: 31 October, 2011