What happens in Vegas….no longer stays in Vegas

With the invention of camera phones…came the loss of privacy as we know it.  As private investigators in Melbourne, Online Investigations know the social issues this technology can cause.  Whether it be adultery, sexting, GPS tracking or phone hacking, these  have all been magnified through the use of these mobile computers carried around in our pockets.

A previous case we worked on involved our client expressing concern about her husband travelling to Vegas on a ‘boys trip’.  With doubts of his monogamy already hanging over their relationship like a dark cloud, the very thought of what adventures her husband may get up to left her losing sleep and desperate for answers.  Through the use of surveillance via our International Private Investigator associates, we were able to identify her husband had spent several hours ‘getting to know’ a Vegas showgirl before retreating to his hotel room for a number of hours.  Restricted to obtaining surveillance footage within public places only, through the use of identifying the showgirl we were able to secure photographs uploaded by her on her social networking accounts containing images of her and our clients husband inside his hotel room in comprising situations.  Whilst our client was able to obtain piece of mind from our report and subsequent evidence, needless to say the husband very quickly learned that what happens in Vegas, no longer stays in Vegas.

Private photographs taken using camera phones was further magnified this week with the leak of photographs depicting the result of what happens when Prince Harry loses a games of ‘strip billiards’.  Unfortunately celebrities are well aware of the damage this new technology can cause.  Leaked camera phone images of a married Ashton Kutcher in his hotel room with a young blonde woman were ultimately the cause of his breakup with his then wife, Demi Moore.

So the next time your Wolfpack plan a trip to Las Vegas to partake in the ultimate “Hangover” remake, just remember – Big Brother is always watching – regardless whether or not your spouse has engaged our services.

Prince Harry Partying Nude in Las Vegas.

(P.S For those of you who do find yourself in a situation where unwanted photographs end up on Facebook, this week you have had a slight reprieve after it was confirmed Facebook no longer retain the images on a server once the user deletes it from their page.  Previously, Investigators were able to recover the photographs by identifying the exact URL of the image.)

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