Using Crowdfunding to fund a Private Investigator for your case

Finding yourself in a position where you need to hire a Private Investigator can be incredibly overwhelming. By now, it is likely you are already experiencing sleepless nights related to the ongoing issue you are facing, so the thought of how you may finance the engagement of a Private Investigator only adds to your anxiety levels.

The situation you are currently facing may also require you to take time off work, further dwindling your funds available to be allocated to a Private Investigator.

Although some Private Investigators may be willing to take on a case pro bono (without charge), depending on the size of the investigation agency, their current workload and the anticipated resources required to investigate your matter, this is not an option you should rely on nor expect.

If the cost of hiring a Private Investigator exceeds your available funds, an alternative solution may be to consider the use of online Crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe and Mycause.

Types of cases where Crowdfunding could help fund the services of a Private Investigator:

Missing Persons Cases

In Australia, around 40,000 missing persons reports are filed with the police each year. While most of these people are located alive and well in a relatively short period of time, there are many that remain on the missing persons register for years.

In some cases, there are those that simply just don’t want to be found, but as the years pass by, the likelihood that many of these missing persons have met foul play is the unfortunate scenario family and loved ones have to eventually come to terms with.

But how can a family come to terms with a loved one simply vanishing without a trace. It’s the ‘not knowing’ that stands in the way of accepting the worst and destroys any possibility or attempt to move on with life or at least some resemblance of life.

The sad fact of the matter is that by the time a missing person case becomes a cold case, Police have basically filed the matter and marked it ‘pending further information’. They simply do not have the resources or manpower to actively work on every missing person case. Many can sit dormant for years collecting dust until there is an unexpected break in the case, or for those lucky enough, pressure through media coverage.

Even sadder and harder for those seeking answers is when Police write off a missing persons case as ‘likely to be a suicide’. It’s an easy option and one that they can justify, especially where drugs or mental health is involved.

So, where to from here? With the time and expense involved in complex investigations into missing person cases, there are not many people that can afford to hire private investigators to find the answers.

Crowdfunding may be a very real option. With supporting evidence such as media articles and heart felt messages from family and loved ones – funds can be raised from the greater public to support an independent Private Investigation.

Unsolved Crimes

Similar to Missing Persons cases, once Police have deemed an unsolved crime to be a ‘cold case’, it can be difficult for loved ones of the victim to close that chapter and accept all avenues of enquiries have been exhausted.

Crowdfunding has already been successfully used many times previously when it comes to hiring a Private Investigator to investigate an unsolved crime.

This is particularly evident when it comes to unsolved murders and violent assaults.

Reuniting Family Members

Trying to find a birth parent, sibling or even reuniting with a Family member after a long period apart can be an exhausting process. The majority of time reuniting with family can be successful without the requirement of a Private Investigator, however there may be exceptional circumstances or particular obstacles where it is required.

Allocating funds to locate a Family member who may not necessarily want to be found is a difficult gamble. The payoff may be great, or in some cases the family member may simply request not to proceed with the reunion process. Hiring a Private Investigator can help not only locate the individual, but also provide an additional mediation service that isn’t possible if you try and set out on the journey on your own.

Although this is not a particular frequent reason for utilising CrowdFunding services, it is an option worthwhile considering when all other options have been exhausted.

Locating Missing Pets

At any given time, if you search Crowdfunding sites such as GoFundMe using the search term “Private Investigator”, you may be surprised how many requests there are to raise funds to hire a Private Investigator to locate missing pets.

Usually this comes down to the emotional bond owners have with their pets, but the lack of funds to allocate to finding their beloved animal.

Do you have a case you think would be worthwhile Crowdfunding for?

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