TXT SCAM: Brian & Mary Loshe mobile scam

Brian and Mary Lohse mobile scam
TXT SCAM: Latest scam is cashing in on the Powerball win of Iowa couple Brian and Mary Lohse
Scammers are using the details of Powerball winners Brian and Mary Loshe

Another day…another mobile txt scam!

This time the scammers are fraudulently using the names of Iowa’s second only Powerball Jackpot winners – Brian and Mary Lohse of Bondurant.

Although the real Brian and Mary Loshe won $202.1 million on the 26th September 2012, unfortunately they did not include you in their distribution of the funds.  It’s just another widely spammed out message sent by criminals looking to find individuals on mass who they can trick into providing their personal details.

In this case the text messages states something similar along the lines of:

“Your mobile number was selected for a donation on 1.500.000,00 By Brian & Mary Lohse to begin claims send fullnames to:

Typically, by responding to the email address you are then asked to pay money up front for a range of fees including insurance, processing fees, transport etc.  Of course, this is money that you will be never be able to recover as the criminals will disappear just as quickly as it took to receive the message.

Alternative phone numbers the text comes from have been identified as:



+1 647 5329809

Further email addresses used in the scam are:


As private investigators in Melbourne we want to know – have you received this message? Tell us where you’re located and when you received it below!

27 thoughts on “TXT SCAM: Brian & Mary Loshe mobile scam

  1. Anonymous Reply

    I received the lottery scam email from +16478228603

    you have been slected to receive a donation of $1,500,000USD by Mark & Cindy Hill. To begin claims send you full name & age to: mh@donate2charitymail.org

  2. shine Reply

    unfortunately I also got the same email. I thought I was lucky but I tried to searched the phone number online and thank you coz I’ve found out that it was just a scam…

  3. Margie Reply

    I received a different text message but from the same number

    I am donating $1.5M USD to from the $587 USd i won from the powerball. My Name is Mark Hill, to claim send your name & age to: mark@donate2you.org

  4. michelle Reply

    Yes I had the same TX, mark hill from phone number, +16476274091

  5. Janine Reply

    Got the text this afternoon whilst waiting for my chemotherapy – from Mark Hill having to send email to hills@donate2you.org from a cell +16479204384 Which I have discovered is a cell based in Toronto Canada. Have since received email from Mark & Cindy Hill to contact Thomas O Blackwell Private Investment with all my details. Get the word out people or someone is going to get taken for their money.

  6. Carolyn Caught Reply

    Why can’t something be done about they scammers sending texts and emails I received the one from Mark Hill yesterday via text and got the email this morning. If I could follow this through without giving my details and having it traced I would, but I haven’t and no one will tell me where or how to do it

  7. penny Reply

    i got the same thing from mark and cindy hill checking like everyone does these days cant believe people do such a thing

  8. Racquel Reply

    I live in Perth & just now received the text msg saying my mobile number was selected for a donation of $1,500,000.00
    Number it came from is+14163012240
    Email they sent is brianandmarylohse29@gmail.com

    Very suss so thought id better check it out, glad i did

  9. Erin Reply

    You have been selected to receive $1.5M USD by Mark and Cindy Hills, Power Ball Winner. To begin claims send your full names to Email: mark@donate2you.org

    From +1 (647) 920-4384
    16/07/13 8:38 PM AEST

  10. yuyun budiyanti Reply

    I just received the same text
    Your mobile number was selected for a donation of “$1,500,000.00 by Brian &Mary Lohse.for
    more information,send your full names to:brianandmarylohse29@gmail.com”
    from +1416301-2240
    I live in Sydney

    • sAm Reply

      i got the same message that i won $1,500000.00 stupid,a lot of people say this is scam so be aware for this message.thank you

  11. Norhata Bangon Abdulnasser Reply

    You have been selected to receive $1.5M USD by Gloria MacKenzie,To begin claims send your full names and age to Email: info [at] powerballdonation . org
    i thought i was lucky .

  12. ken uy Reply

    got the same from 14163012240 and I am living in abu dhabi…. they think we’re stupid. The winners are from Iowa and the number is from Toronto….

  13. Ronald Reply

    Got the same email from a Gloria Mckenzie using my singtel mobile. Got me here. Didnt provide more personal info

  14. tracy Reply

    am still receiving the email from Mr Blackwell stating that he is on the verge of withdrawing the donation just last month on 26th and that he gave me an email add to contact the bank ASAP
    email – contantus@creditnatl.com

  15. Awajung Gundaa Reply

    Got the same msg recently
    Thankx to get info abt it I was about to give all my details.
    Thankx fo saving me..

  16. Berry Reply

    I knew this is a scam and these people should be stop, how comes until now they’re still scamming , it’s been one year . No one in their right mind donate a million and a half to unknown person, I lived in Lebanon.

  17. arn Reply

    im from qatar

  18. vc Reply


    I am Michael Smith. The Interpol Online Representative to (USA, Canada, EU, Asia, Arab Nations and Africa). We have been trying to contact you regarding a Donation which was donated to you by Brian and Mary Lohse in the year 2012. Information Has Reached us that you were contacted by some Group of Individuals who was not able to disburse the Legally Donated Funds. This Issue has been reported to us by the HSBC Bank Group who had reported that the Sum of 1.5m USD which was Deposited with them is still in thier Security Vault.

    We have been monitoring all Online transactions and we have discovered that this funds was Donated as a Charity Project which they had embarked on considering thier Vow to assist and help any Lucky Personality in the World considering the high rate of Poverty and illness going on. You May click on the Link Below for Curiosity Sake and for You to understand what i am talking about.


    You Must be Informed that Series of Investigations have been going on all these while and we have discovered that You were totally contacted by the group of wrong Persons who have deprived you all the years of your Funds.

    Presently your case file has been reviewed and sent to our Central Database Unit (C.D.U). We already received signal few hours ago from the verification department, and that is the reason why we are now informing you formally.

    However, We are presently Tracking and Tracing the locations of those who have a hand in it. We are advising that you contact the Attorney in Charge for More details in Guiding You on getting Your Funds with HSBC Bank Group.

    Please See Details below:

    Name: Lucas Mullet.
    Position: Financial Law Consultant.
    Email: p.dentith@lawyer.com
    Tel: +1 775 209 9445
    Fax: +1 775 222 9999

    With the help IFCC (INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CRIME COMMISSION) who is in collaboration with the UNITED NATIONS, we will be able to monitor you until You retrieve out all Donations which was made in Your Name.

    All you need to do now is that You Re-Confirm all Your Details like your Names, Telephone Number and Address which we currently have on our Data Base. This office was set up by the US Government to Monitor all Local/International Online transactions.

    However, It is important to know that all Modalities have been put in Place and Your Case has been cross examined by Interpol-Online Team.

    I have herein a copy of my ID for your perusal.

    Your urgent response is needed.

    Best Wishes,
    Michael Smith.
    Interpol-Online Team.
    Cell: + 1 647- 485-2777.

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