Twitter Followers? Check this out New Facebook Followers has been developed!

Failing to keep the Facebook survey scams contained, these have now taken flight and headed over to Twitter where they have been making the rounds on many unsuspecting individuals accounts. Similar to previous survey scams, the ‘tweet’ advises users they can now view their Facebook followers by clicking on the provided link.

“Twitter Followers? Check this out New Facebook Followers has been developed.  You can now see who’s Viewed and followed your profile.  Check your top followers at”

Those curious enough to click on the link are taken to the following screenshot on Facebook. Hopefully the fact it is riddled with grammatical errors should be enough to stop most individuals here:

And for those who are still curious … it then directs them to accept the app which will allow it to gain access to various features of your profile including your basic information, photos, post on your behalf and access your data at any time.

Of course, you will never end up seeing what you came for in the first place.  Instead, you’ll be instructed to verify your age by completing several surveys – requiring you to provide such personal details about yourself as your name, address, mobile phone number etc.

BEWARE: By providing your mobile number you will most likely be signed up to expensive text messaging services!

So while you’re still battling with the app in desperate hopes that after all those pesky surveys you filled in you may eventually get see your top 10 followers (you won’t), the app itself is using your profile to promote itself by targeting unsuspecting friend list.

Like all the other “see who has been viewing your profile” scams before – this is still just another SCAM.  If you come across this message – delete, ignore and warn your friends!

As Private Investigators in Melbourne we are only aware of this affecting a small handful of users.  If you have come across this message please let us know in the comments below and help spread the word!