Toshiko Slack – Your family miss you

The family of Toshiko Slack (date of birth 8/10/1942) are desperately seeking her whereabouts and would love the opportunity to meet her and learn about her life.

Toshiko sailed to Fremantle from the UK in 1959 at the age of 17, at which point the family lost touch.

Extensive attempts have been made to try and find her whereabouts however no information about her location can be found after November 1959 in either Australia or back in the UK .

Toshiko, your family has so much to update you on and would love the opportunity to connect with you.  Please make contact and let us know you are ok.

If you can help locate the current whereabouts of Toshiko Slack, please contact us at (03) 9687 2277 or alternatively contact our email here

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