TOP 10 APPS: Online dating safety

While you’ve been busy online dating, CupidScreen Private Investigators have been finding the best apps out there to help you stay safe!  It can be a scary world out there but with a little bit of preparation and with the assistance of modern day technology, you can now ensure that your online dating experience is a safe one.

Check out our top 10 favourite smartphone apps for keeping yourself safe when online dating:


 Romance Scam Check (Nigerian)

Created by CupidScreen Private Investigators experienced in identifying romance scams, this App is a crucial tool for everyone who is, or knows someone, that is online dating.  Nigerian scams don’t discriminate – if you’re online dating then the chances are you will be contacted by at least one romance scammer while your profile is active.  This app allows you to discreetly check if your online date is really a scammer, and provides useful resources and tips if you have already been targeted.

 Available for Apple devices Price: $1.99

Romance Scam Check (Russian)

For the men out there who are online dating, the Romance Scam Check (Russian) is designed to identify whether your online date from Eastern Europe is really just a scammer looking for your money! This app has identified the most common signs displayed by scammers during the ‘grooming’ period and will instantly tell you your level of risk.  There is the opportunity to report a scam and a full detailed list of where to report scams should you have already been targeted.

Available for Apple devices. Price: $1.99


Gabe the Guardian

Described as “Your wingman for any situation!”, this app is designed to keep you safe when meeting your Date for the first time.  After creating an emergency contact list, should you feel unsafe at any time just one press of a button will allow the app to automatically take a photo of your surroundings and send it, together with your GPS location, to your nominated contacts. Although the cost makes this the dearest app out of our list,  the reality is it’s a small price to pay for your safety.

Available for Apple and Android devices. Price: $5.99

Find my Friends

Is a family member or vulnerable friend getting back into the dating scene? Do you have concerns about who they may be meeting? With the permission of your loved one, at any given time you can see their location and ensure they arrive home safely from their Date night.  The app also allows give added reassurance to your loved one that someone knows where they are.

Available for Apple and Android devices. Price: FREE

DateTracker Alert

Heading out on your first Date? Make sure you get home safely! This app allows you enter all the details you know about your new potential love and if you haven’t ‘checked in’ to the app by a nominated time then it will automatically send the details of your Date, together with your current GPS location, to your nominated emergency contacts.  We love the concept of this app although we have to admit the graphics let it down somewhat.

Available for Apple devices. Price: $1.99

Real Help

This wins our award amongst the younger ones who are online dating. With the ability to send alerts to multiple individuals of your choice, this app further allows you to broadcast real time audio of your surroundings to them, together with options to post your messages to multiple members across Facebook.  We like the fact there is also a positive spin that comes with this app allowing you to send out an alert if you’re having a great time at a party and want your friends to come join you!  The app is free and supported by in-app donations.

Available for Apple devices. Price: FREE

SOS Link

Available on both the Apple and Android markets, this is a free app which takes photos and emails them (together with your GPS co-ordinates) to your designated helpers at the press of a button. Although this was the only free app we found offering this service across both smartphone markets we do have to admit that it did go a little crazy with the amount of photos it was taking and we were left feeling like they could have done so much more with it.

Available for Apple and Android devices. Price: FREE

Emergency Alert Beacon

Although this app was designed more for emergency situations such as a vehicle accident or natural disaster, we like this app as not only can you send your GPS coordinates to five contacts, you have the ability to store your personal health and insurance information for quick reference to aid emergency workers. The app also allows you to check in ensuring your contacts know you arrived safely.  We’re all for apps with multiple uses!

Available for Apple devices.  Price: $1.99


Bad Date Rescue

Of all the companies that could offer an app to get you out of a bad date, we applaud dating site for coming up with this lifesaver! For the majority of online daters the reality is they’re bound to have a few bad dates before finding their true love and this app sympathises with your situation.  With the option to schedule a call or use the “repeat after me” option if you don’t know what to say to your Date, this is a fantastic free app available on the Itunes market.

Available for Apple devices. Price: FREE


By placing fake calls, texts or mms to your phone, this app gives you the option of getting out of your Date quickly or alternatively, if things are going well with your Date, gives you extra points with them for showing how attentive you can be by ignoring the calls.  With additional dating tips on offer this app is designed for every scenario which could happen on a first date!

Available for Apple devices. Price: $0.99

Excuse Me

With a realistic voice coming from the earpiece, this fake call app ensures your Date doesn’t get suspicious that you’re just trying to make a fast getaway! With additional functions such as vibrate mode and slide to answer texts they’ve gone out of their way to make it as realistic as possible.  Just don’t expect the fake voice to actually talk to you – it’s designed to be indistinguishable to your Date, but the strange language can leave you somewhat flustered when trying to think of a quick excuse.

Available for Apple devices.  Price: $1.99


Sex Offender Search (America Only)

As regularly reported on CupidScreen, sex offenders are known to use dating sites to both find female victims and also groom single mothers to have access to their children. By using this app to check your Dates name against the National Sex Offender registry, you can also familiarise yourself with the sex offenders in your area allowing you to conduct necessary online dating background checks prior to meeting on a night out.

Available for Apple and Android devices.  Price: $1.99

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