“Take this lollipop” – the viral Facebook app making us all think twice about the information we post online

FACEBOOK USERS: We all have at least one friend on our list that uses their page as an alternative online diary – posting their daily routine and checking themselves in at their exact location while they are at it.

Whilst we are quick to state we would never post such intimate details about ourselves and our routine online, is it possible we are still offering this information without realising?

The latest Facebook app which has gone viral is “Take this lollipop”, an interactive video which tells the story of a crazed, sweaty man sitting in front of a computer in a basement while looking you up.  Allowing the app to access your profile, the video pulls information from your account to show how a man such as this can use it to his advantage.

We have to admit, after trying it ourselves, it’s pretty scary! Try it for yourself – then encourage your children and friends to do the same.

Moral of the story – be careful what you post on Facebook.