Spotlight on: Retired Surveillance Agent and Federal Police Officer

Interview with former surveillance investigator Gavin ‘Tex’ Warren

When we think of surveillance, we often overlook the fact there is a trained and experienced surveillance agent behind the footage whose friends are usually privy to some incredible stories shared over a few beers.

Gavin ‘Tex’ Warren – the man behind the camera

Sometimes the most interesting stories are about the Surveillance agents themselves.  Take for instance, Gavin ‘Tex’ Warren, a former Federal Police member and Surveillance agent.

Tex has been involved in surveillance and the art of observing things his entire working life – beginning in the Army, he then worked in the surveillance team with the Federal Police for 12 years, assisted with surveillance for the anti-counterfeiting team AFACT and continued his career as a private investigator and professional photographer.

Until his recent retirement due to health reasons (severe cardiomyopathy to be exact) , Tex operated as a licensed surveillance investigator in Melbourne.  Starting his career in the Australian Federal Police back in the late 1980’s, he has seen changes in how the industry and technology has adapted over the years and has a few good (and bad) stories to share about it all.

We caught up with Tex (speaking from his new home in the sunny Far North Queensland) to learn more about the man behind the camera, his time in the industry and his advice for people interested in obtaining their licence.

His Policing career:

Overview of Policing Career and writing off a cop car:

Working as a Cop during the ‘Underbelly’ Years:


Surveillance Technology in the 1990’s:

How Technology changed over the course of his career:

Working with Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT)

His time at AFACT:

How a court case (and a man’s job) was lost:

How DVD Sales of Kenny the movie was disrupted:

His photography career:

On working with Celebrities:

On tour with the Hunters and Collectors as the band Photographer

His Private Investigation career:

Being arrested for Blackmail….

How being 6″4 tall is an advantage in Surveillance:

Tips for being a good Surveillance Investigator:

Skills required to be a good operative:

Advice for new surveillance investigators:

Tex now resides in Cairns, Queensland enjoying life at a slower pace and doing his best to live with minimal stress.  In addition to his skills behind the camera he is also an avid oil painter.   A man of many talents.

Thank you for sharing your story Tex.

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