Paraben Windows Breaker

Windows Breaker is a Windows account password bypassing tool. Whether you’ve lost your Windows password or someone has locked you out of your computer, Windows Breaker can recover you Windows account. Unlike password recovery, Windows Breaker simply gives you access to any Windows account allowing you to gain access to your files, change the account password, and get your life back.

Windows Breaker comes with a 10 use license. This will allow you to bypass up to 10 Windows accounts on up to 10 different computers. Windows Breaker is an must-have tool for any IT professional, private investigator, computer investigator, or law enforcement officer.

Please Note: You must be able to boot your computer to a USB drive in order for Windows Breaker to work.

Who Needs Windows Breaker?


Every licenesed investigator should have a Windows Breaker in their arsenal of digital tools. Computers hold a treasure trove of information for your investigations and you don’t want to be locked out before you can even begin.


It’s only a matter of time before an employee will lock you out of your computer. Whether it’s from forgotten passwords or malisciousness, you can’t afford lost productivity or lost files due to lost Windows passwords. Having a Windows Breaker on hand for emergencies just makes sense.


Don’t let your children lock you out of your own computer. Kids will often create Windows accounts with strong passwords to keep their parents from seeing what they are up to on their computer. They’re also very forgetful and often forget account passwords. If you’re kids have locked you out of your computer for whatever reason, Windows Breaker can get you access to any account no matter how strong the password.

Spouses, Boyfriends, & Girlfriends

Could they be cheating on you? Remove all doubt by finding out what they’re up to online. Computers can tell you a lot about a person such as who they’re chatting with, who they’re e-mailing, what pictures they have, financial information…the list goes on. Get instant access to any Windows account and do your own investigating.

Product Features

Bypasses Windows Account Passwords

Windows Breaker gives you instant access to any Windows account. There’s no need for lengthy password recovery.

No Software to Download

Because the password bypassing software is embedded in a USB thumb drive, you can take Windows Breaker with you and use it any time.


If you can reboot a computer to a USB drive, you can access any Windows account on the system.

PRICE: $144(includes express posting within Australia)

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