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Download the contents of SIM cards from any GSM phone and recover deleted text messages, last numbers dialed, and more. SIM Card Seizure comes with a SIM card reader and the software needed to download, recover, and analyze SIM card data. This is the same software used by law enforcement and forensic examiners around the world so you can trust that it will get the data that’s on your SIM.

Why You Need a SIM Card Seizure?

Spouses, Boyfriends, & Girlfriends

Is your spouse or significant other texting an old flame? Text messaging is one of the most common ways to communicate to lovers and deleting them often isn’t enough to get rid of them.


Are your kids texting during school hours? Who are they communicating to and what are they saying with text messages. Stay one step ahead of them by regularly checking their call logs and text messages.

Private Investigators

More and more investigations require the need to analyze digital data. SIM cards can contain valuable information for any investigation.

Product Features


Standard SIM cards only contain 64k worth of data. It doesn’t take long to get every bit of that data, parse it out, and show you what’s on the card.


Because there is limited space on a SIM card and specific data resides in the same location on each SIM, we can recover every bit of data. This means even if data has been deleted, as long as it hasn’t been overwritten by new data, we can recover it.

Simple to Use

In just a few simple steps, you’ll be looking at the contents of your SIM card. Remove the SIM from the phone, insert it into the reader and plug it into your computer, run the software and find out what’s hiding on your SIM card.

** Once purchased please refer to the manual: sim card seizure


PRICE: $124 (includes express posting within Australia)

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