Paraben iRecovery stick

Paraben’s iRecovery Stick is a revolutionary new product designed to recover deleted data from Apple iPhones*. The iRecovery Stick (iRS) is a thumb-drive USB device, about the size of a stick of gum, that will help you recover deleted data as well as other data from your Apple iPhone. Simply connect the iPhone to any PC with the cable included with the iRS and then connect the stick to the same computer through a USB port. Once the two devices are connected; run the built-in software on the iRS and recover the data you are looking for with the click of a button.

The data recovery process will take several hours to complete. However, the iRS is capable of recovering different types of deleted data including text messages, contacts, call history, and calendar entries. The recovery process will also download the contents of the phone such as contacts, call history, text messages, pictures, and all other user data that can normally be backed up. Because of its versatile recovery capabilities and easy-to-use interface, the iRecovery Stick is ideal for professionals who have accidentally deleted important files, employers who have issued iPhones to employees for business purposes, concerned parents, or anyone who may have a need to retrieve a deleted item from an iPhone.

The iRecovery Stick runs on Windows XP, Vista, 2000, and 7. It currently supports iPhones running any OS through iOS 4.3.

Please Note: The Paraben iRecovery Stick is upgradable to be IOS 5 compatible. This is downloadable via the iRecovery main program window.

* Important: You must have the PIN for locked phones before performing a recovery.

Who Needs an iRecovery Stick?


With so much communication in today’s business world taking place via smart phones like the iPhone, a lot of important information is stored within them. Not everyone backs-up their iPhone by saving copies of their data onto a computer hard drive. And even if you do, recently received data can easily be deleted. If you have ever accidentally deleted an important text message, contact, or calendar entry, the iRecovery Stick can be a life-saver vital tool.


Are your company secrets being leaked right under your nose? Employees using company-issued iPhones can not only waste hours of time chatting and texting with family and friends, they can use their iPhones to send sensitive data to anyone. If your employees have company-issued iPhones you have the right to monitor how they are being used.


Child predators do not only lurk in chat rooms online. Upon gaining a child’s trust, they often start communicating with them through text messages or even phone calls. Cyber bullies can also victimize children through abusive text messages and harassing phone calls. No matter what the reason, every parent whose child uses an iPhone should regularly check out what they are doing on it.

Spouses, Boyfriends, & Girlfriends

Could they be cheating on you? Text message histories, call history, and other iPhone data can be an excellent way to determine if your significant other is being faithful. Sometimes you just have to know and recovering this type of data may be the only way to find peace of mind.

With the iRecovery Stick, you don’t even need the iPhone to know everything that’s going on. Simply load the iTunes backup file from a PC and you’ll see everything you need including deleted data.

Product Features

Recovers Data From iTunes Backup Files

The iRecovery Stick can recover deleted data even if you don’t have the phone. Simply load the iTunes backup files created in Windows and the stick will recover the same types of data it recovers from the phone itself.

More Than Just Deleted Data

The iRecovery Stick recovers all sorts of user data such as call logs, contacts, SMS messages, Internet history, dynamic text history, and much more.


Because the iRecovery software is embedded in a USB thumb drive, you can easily take it anywhere and use it on any computer you own.


If you can connect an iPhone and the iRecovery Stick to the same computer and click “Start”, then you can recover data from an iPhone. The iRS also has data parsing functions which will separate all of the data into their corresponding category and even allow you to output it to a report.


The iRecovery Stick resembles a standard, commonly-used, USB thumb-drive. Also, a common way to charge an iPhone is to connect it to a computer. No one would suspect the device can be used to recover deleted data from the iPhone.

Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7

**Once purchased please refer to the irecovery-getting-started guide.

PRICE: $214 (includes express posting within Australia) 

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