SPECIAL ALERT: Hoax message – Hitman scam: ‘Deposit $5000 or you will be killed’

AN EMAIL and text scam in which people are warned that they must put $5000 into a bank account or they will be killed has raised alarm among locals.

The Daily understands that Sunshine Coast police have already had calls about the scam over the weekend and again this morning.

One Kawana woman  received this message on her mobile this morning:

“Sum1 paid me to kill you. Get spared, 48 hours to pay $5,000. If you inform the police or anybody death is promised. Email me now killerking247@yahoo.com”

The woman contacted Kawana police and the girl there said they’d had a few calls about it this morning.

The woman thinks the culprits  got her mobile number off her website.

Police warn this is a scam, commonly referred to as the “Hitman Scam” and to delete the text or email immediately.

The Daily understands the scam is targeting the Sunshine Coast with calls from people from Kawana to Coolum.

“It is important that members of the public are not alarmed and understand that such communications are distributed on mass and are not specifically targeting the individual,” police said.

“Do not forward the message on and do not respond in any way to the message.

“If any member of the public has transferred any money it is vital they contact police and their bank immediately.”

More on the scam from the official scamwatch website.

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  1. Linux Reply

    Scammer sent one to us 7.15am. Gosnells. W a. Perhaps. Everyone in Australia got one. Ha ha

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