SPECIAL ALERT: Colorado mass-shooting suspect James Holmes found on Adult online dating site.

In the wake of the horrific mass shooting in Denver Colorado during the airing of Batman: Dark Knight Rises movie, it has now been revealed mass-murder suspect James Holmes had an online dating profile on Adultfriendfinder.com. The site, an adults-only website targeted towards one night stands and swingers, has reportedly verified the authenticity of the profile according to gossip website, TMZ.com.

A screenshot of his Adultmatchmaker dating profile

Despite limited information provided on the profile, it was the profile headline itself which hinted at James Holmes’ tragic plans – with the caption “Will you visit me in prison?”.

With no reported links to terrorism and little other than a traffic ticket obtained in 2011, further reports suggest Police have now turned to identifying his cyber footprint in an attempt to understand the motivation behind his actions.

With the exception of the identified online dating profile, an Internet profile on Holmes has failed to reveal any active social media accounts, with extensive searches conducted on popular sites such as Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIN.

It’s certainly apparent due to the lack of his online presence, news media are also struggling to provide an insight of the man behind such a horrific crime.

Should we rely so much on what social media tells us about a person?  Certainly in this case, with Holmes otherwise described as a “loner” it would seem so. It has become apparent that with so many of us living a percentage of our daily lives online, no background check is complete without an element of online profiling incorporated into the overall inquiries.

On the news Police have now gained safe access to his booby-trapped residence, they will now be taking an invested interest in Holmes’ computer and identifying what sites he accessed and searched for prior to carrying out the tragic events.  For someone who trapped his apartment with over 30 different homemade bombs, it is no doubt Holmes undertook extensive research into the ingredients required to create each of these.

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**UPDATE: TMZ.com have also reported James Holmes had online dating profiles on OKCupid and Match.com under the name classic_jim.  A screenshot of this profile can be found here: classic_jim

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