SCAMS FROM THE INBOX: Latest collection of email scams sent in December (2)

A selection of the latest scam emails hitting inboxes IN December

Chances are if you are viewing this page you have copied and pasted text from a strange email you have received into Google.  While it’s great news you have located this page, unfortunately you have received a scam email in your inbox.  These are the latest scam emails being sent to inboxes worldwide:

From: PCD Plastic Cards [] On Behalf Of PCD Plastic Cards
Subject: Invoice INV-0145 from PCD Plastic cards

“View Invoice” button leads to compromised link:


Subject: Respiri Pty Ltd Ltd invoice 10724

Respiri Pty Ltd

View full invoice details > <–MpZ0ZHEfljMDRnoy07KSd1WJkbejnUlJuxLnhl1oQQi6wFR_8Or0sB8kzbJiiX8vTshIJtxxXCFVuB6zXfxtXj3V-DXDEveQqmapt2rEi1j5zQU6PRlxctN414pWi6pigZjDcOEkdaG2NE84YoWpQCw0_wV7mGx6VPtuz559Z3ILbZkzfd8O_ylusDP55MaXGAQRXXFottXUouZVCUg5Sju3WO49TrO9aYgZvfxBCmZ93Edh_Ac1veGI>

View invoice  › <–MpZ0ZHEfljMDRnoy07KSd1WJkbejnUlJuxLnhl1oQQi6wFR_8Or0sB8kzbJiiX8vTshIJtxxXCFVuB6zXfxtXj3V-DXDEveQqmapt2rEi1j5zQU6PRlxctN414pWi6pigZjDcOEkdaG2NE84YoWpQCw0_wV7mGx6VPtuz559Z3ILbZkzfd8O_ylusDP55MaXGAQRXXFottXUouZVCUg5Sju3WO49TrO9aYgZvfxBCmZ93Edh_Ac1veGI>

We’ve attached invoice 10724 for $770.50.

Payment is due by 21/11/2017.

For your convenience we do accept payment by MasterCard or Visa with a 1.5% surcharge payable. Credit card payments can be made by calling the office between 7am and 3pm Monday to Friday.

Thank you for your business and if you have any queries regarding your invoice, please do not hesitate to contact me direct.

Kind Regards,

Rebecca Bisping

Respiri Pty Ltd

07 3801 3045


From: Bakerdays Limited [] On Behalf Of Bakerdays Limited

Subject: Invoice INV-0145 from Bakerdays Limited

Bakerdays Limited

INVOICE INV-0145 DUE DATE 07B/12/2017 BALANCE DUE $ 105.00

View invoice <>

Dear Customer,

Here’s your invoice! We appreciate your prompt payment.

Thanks for your business!

Bakerdays Limited

Intuit, Inc. All rights reserved.  Privacy <>  | Legal <>

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bakerdays · The E-Centre · Darwin Drive · New Ollerton, Nottinghamshire NG22 9GW · United Kingdom

From:  Blythe Electrical <>

Subject: Invoice 2166 from Blythe Electrical

Invoice 2166 from Blythe Electrical
Invoice 2166 from Blythe Electrical


From:  Wong, Sandra (Guycarp) <>

Dear Sirs,

Further to our email of 13.10.2017, we are pleased to enclose cedant’s SBI & TI for your further action.

Trust they are in order.

Thanks & best regards,

Sandra Wong

Client Support Services, Treaty

Guy Carpenter | 8 Marina View #09-06. Asia Square Tower 1, Singapore 018960

DID : +65 6922 1960

From: “ASIC Messaging Service” <>
Date: 19 December 2017 at 9:39:42 am AEDT
Subject: Record of registration

Please find attached your certificate of registration, transaction 1-BIDQEJR dated 19/12/2017.
If you have any questions, contact us at


Rosanne Bell
Senior Executive Leader
Australian Securities and Investments Commission

From: Govia

Sent: Wed 20/12/2017 10:13am

Subject: Download your govia tax invoice statement now

The link “available for download” and the button “download statement” leads to the shortened URL: which is an automatic download of a compromised .zip file.

From: Leonardo Stevens <>

Good day my dear, Please do not be upset I sent you such an email, I got your email from LinkedIn and just could not take my eyes of your profile picture. My name is Paul, a 51 years young lol I am Medical Technologist (MT) by profession. My apologies for contacting you this way without your consent as I retrieved your email address from LinkedIn and thought about writing you directly because your profile caught my attention while I was searching for an old classmate of mine and I could not help but decide to communicate with you. I understand this is not the appropriate platform for such form of introduction as I just joined LinkedIn and I hope you do not get offended as I only do wish to be given the opportunity to get to know you better. I will be so glad to get a reply from you. Do have a beautiful day ahead. Leonardo.




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    Yes, I have one ‘Vinecms Pty Ltd’ The view invoice URL

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