SCAM ALERT: Fake AFP email alerting of Traffic Infringement

An email scam is currently circulating throughout Australia purporting to be from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and asking for immediate payment of a Traffic Infringement.

Using the AFP logo, the email is sent with the Subject line “Driving violation info code Number 52398392446”.  The scam involves notifying the recipient of the email they have been issued a driving infringement for ‘negligent driving’ and requests the reader to pay a fee of $179.73 immediately by clicking on a supplied link.

A screenshot of the scam purporting to be from the AFP

If links within the message are clicked, the recipient’s computer is infected with malware and their computer becomes inoperable.  Ransomware is then activated where the recipient is asked to pay thousands of dollars to reactivate their computer.

AFP National Coordinator Cyber Crime Adrian Norris encourages all Australian to be vigilant and understand that the AFP will never send out traffic infringement notices via email.

Members of the public who believe they have been a recipient of the fraudulent email should report it to the Australian Cyber Crime Online Reporting Network (ACORN) immediately via or to ScamWatch

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