ROYAL BLUNDER: Prank Call raises privacy concerns

Prank calls causes privacy blunder

2DAY FM radio personalities Mel Greig and Michael Christian have found themselves at the centre of considerable backlash after they successfully made a prank call posing as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

The call was made to the London hospital where Princess Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, has been hospitalised for severe morning sickness as a result of her pregnancy.

The ease in which the personalities were able to be put through to her private nurse raises fresh privacy concerns as no security checks or questions to verify who they were were made during any part of the call. It is quite evident in the recording that the nurse truly believed she was speaking with the Queen, and further disclosed several details about the Duchess’ condition and visits made by her husband, Prince William.

We can only imagine the protocols on transferring calls to patients and disclosing patient’s records and diagnoses at Kind Edward VII hospital will be thoroughly investigated.

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