RECOVERY SCAM ALERT: Important message from Australian Institute of Criminology

An important release from the Australian Institute of Criminology below:

Individuals impersonating AIC members – Notification of a Scam Alert

The Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC) has been alerted by members of the public that criminal scammers are impersonating our staff in an attempt to gain access to computers, personal details and ultimately the money of their intended victims.

This is a classic cold-call scam – usually made in the early evening – and should be ignored and reported to or at the AIC. If a person has already been defrauded, the theft should be reported to the police.

These scammers deliberately target victims who they have already ripped off. The caller pretends to be some authority who is there to help – either to retrieve their money, prosecute the original scammer, or fix their “compromised” computer.

In the past, this ‘help the victim’ methodology has been used on victims of Nigerian 419 email scams, romance scams and more elaborate investment scams.

These criminals are now using the good reputation of government agencies such as the AIC, as cover for their activities.

It is important to note that the AIC is a criminology research agency and does not investigate actual fraud cases. That is a matter for the police.

For further information please view the Australian Institute of Criminology website at

** End release **

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