Professional bug sweeping and debugging services

Are you looking for professional bug sweeping and debugging services?

On any given day, Online Investigations Pty Ltd – your preferred Private Investigator in Melbourne – will be contacted by prospective clients with requests which usually fit into our routine and daily caseload.  These are matters such as locates, background checks, surveillance and of course, our speciality  – cyber investigations.

Recently a new request has started to appear in our inbox and phone line.  The request for professional bug sweeping, debugging and Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services.

When we receive these requests we, without hesitation, refer them onto the best in the business and who we personally use when the requirement arises – Alan Earl and his team from the Australian Bug Detectors Group.

So what exactly is bug sweeping and what does debugging entail?

“If you’re not looking for it you won’t know its there”

As an online investigator, you can provide me with limited details about a person and within a short time I would know nearly everything there is need to know about a person based solely on their digital footprint.  But despite my modern day methods and access to technology, I am not a technical wizard and am the first to admit I have surrounded myself with individuals who have a knowledge base which compliments my talents and limitations.  You can’t personally excel at everything, but you can build a team which can.  This is certainly the case when it comes to the world of debugging, bug sweeping and TSCM.

ABDG hard at work securing your workplace

The Australian Bug Detection Group (ABDG) are technical wizards of TSCM.  This is the preferred company used by Online Investigations Pty Ltd and who we regularly refer our clients to.

Most people imagine bug sweeps are only required by high profile individuals and Corporate clients who may require a sweep prior to board meetings or sensitive acquisition or negotiations.  However, even smaller corporate clients have seen the value in these sweeps for instances such as key employees leaving, a possible lawsuit or company restructures.

Unfortunately, the reality is there has also been an increase in individuals requesting this service as a result of abusive relationships and the ease in which disgruntled partners can get access to sophisticated spyware and monitoring tools.

An example of how small these devices have become can be seen in the following Bug Detectors video:

Realistically, bug sweeps can be performed either as a proactive or reactive measure but are usually requested for the following:

  • To detect illicit eavesdropping devices;
  • To ensure an area (such as a boardroom) is secure;
  • To detect covert surveillance devices such as audio (microphones) and video (cameras) transmitters which come in various forms and disguises; or
  • To identify rogue ‘bring your own devices’ (BYOD) such as those used to steal WIFI passwords

The more sensitive your information, private details or whereabouts is, the higher the likelihood you will need the services of an experienced bug sweeping expert.

Still have questions?

If you have questions about how secure your office, home or vehicle really is, perhaps it’s to time to talk to a technical wizard.



2 thoughts on “Professional bug sweeping and debugging services

  1. James Reply

    For awhile now I feel like there are certain people in my life that are stalking me and invading my privacy. I dont know how theyre doing it but my guess its through my phone or maybe theres a bug in my living room? I keep getting comments/texts sent to me about happeings in my life or private conversations. Im not crazy but it just seems to happen too often for there not to be something. I’ve tried to ignore it, got a new phone, changed my passwords on my wifi but now its got to the point where im not even conversationsin my living room. Can you or Mr Earl help me with this? I need to work out what is going on and its seriously have an effect on my mental health

    • Online Investigations Team Post authorReply

      Hi James, we have sent you a email regarding your issues. Thank you.

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