Your preferred Female Private Investigator in Melbourne

Are you looking for a Female Private Investigator?

According to the 2012 Forbes article “Why the best spies in Mossad and the CIA are Women“, females make the best Private Investigators.  While this may come as no surprise to some of us (we all have that one girlfriend who can find out anything about anyone), the article suggests only 15 percent of the PI industry are women.

If this figure is accurate, Online Investigations Pty Ltd, Private Investigators in Melbourne, must be true trailblazers given our company Director is Female as well as many of our specialised investigators.

Advantages Of A Female Private Investigator

  • Women make great private investigators because people are much less likely to be suspicious of a female
  • Potential clients may feel more comfortable speaking about their personal or sensitive situation to a woman
  • Unique ability to access people, places and information.
  • Some particular cases may specifically require female investigators
  • Can be easier to make people feel at ease in their presence and less intimidating

When first considering hiring a Private Investigator, it can be a daunting experience for most individuals and there are many instances where potential clients prefer to speak with a female investigator.  Even at the conclusion of an investigation, a female’s voice and compassion may make it easier to receive difficult and life changing news.

Our company offers a preferred female investigator for providing advice, tips and knowledge about the private investigation agency to both potential clients and journalists.

Some of our recent media work include:

Julia Robson – Female Private Investigator and Director of Online Investigations speaks to Herald Sun about life as a female private investigator.

Online Investigations Pty Ltd and female investigator Julia Robson shows reporter Ricky French just how much a private investigator can find out about him.

Investigator Julia Robson on the PI Case Files radio segment

Julia Robson successfully closed 20 cases during the popular segment “The PI Case Files” on radio station MixFM during their time as #No 1 FM Breakfast in Melbourne.

A full list of these cases can be found here



Long Lost Family

Channel Ten’s Long Lost Family chose Online Investigations as their only Private Investigator to locate missing family members.

You can watch all episodes of this show here:



Julia Robson on Real Housewives of Sydney

The Real Housewives of Sydney chose Online Investigations as their preferred investigation company to locate Victoria Rees’ birth Father.

A copy of the segment can be be viewed here: 


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