Domain Name Investigations / Acquisitions ( Trap Purchases)

Common techniques from online “domain squatters” including operating websites encouraging you to search your next intended product name to check it’s availability. Once you have entered in the details, the criminals will quickly register the domains searched and put a hefty price tag on them.  Trademark and domain name owners willing to sell their rights are able to significantly increase the price if the buyers’ identity is known. What may have been purchased for the going market rate is all of a sudden placed at a premium when the corporation wishing to purchase it is discovered.

In order to avoid discovery and hence be in a position to acquire a trademark or domain name without giving your position away or alerting the market to what could be your next major brand, Online Investigations can assist in purchasing it for you.  Masking your identity through appearing as a legitimate buyer from an insignificant company avoids alerting the seller to increasing the premium to match what a well-known company could pay.

To find out how Online Investigations can assist your business, contact us now for an obligation free consultation. All inquiries are handled in the strictest of confidence and with the utmost of discretion.

We provide private investigator and detective services Nationally (Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Sydney and other major cities) and Worldwide.


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