Online social networking: Could what you’re doing online be illegal?

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Bullying, serious threats of violence, stalking, selling of stolen goods – If you don’t accept this to happen in the ‘real’ world – then why have we allowed this behaviour to become naturalised online?

The more we introduce the Internet into our everyday activities, the more we need to understand how our behaviour online can affect us in the real world.

 At Online Investigations, we believe that by being aware of how simple everyday online activities can land you in trouble – can ultimately prevent serious legal consequences.

Here are some examples of illegal behaviour and tips to keep yourself out of trouble:

imagesProblems online? For legal assistance we recommend contacting Bradley Deacon from Cyber Guardians Online.   It is important to note, prior to engaging a solicitor you MUST be able to provide details of the following:

– Examples of the offending behaviour (including screenshots);

– Details of any URL’s (http://www……);

– A chronological timeline of events;

– Information as to any suspects you believe may be responsible for the anonymous behaviour.

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