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Fake account created Source: Instagram

1. A mock instagram page has been created in the nickname of Hells Angels bike member, John Fahey.  The account, with the username “imalwaysfazed” (in light of his nickname “Fazed”), is believed to have been set up by members of the Bandidos gang as retribution of Fahey leaving this group to join their rivals.  Several images contain photographs Fahey and a number of his associates with mocking captions displayed in meme fashion.  It is understood Fahey was recruited by the Hells Angels earlier this year after wanting someone considered high profile to attract new recruits and increase their presence in the Gold Coast.   This comes after Police have clamped down on bikie gangs, with a number of raids occurring on club houses throughout Australia.

2. Police have released CCTV images of three individuals they wish to speak to in connection with a violent armed robbery in St Kilda last month.

The victim was chased by two of the assailants from a fast food restaurant on Acland Street before seeking refuge in a cake shop at approximately 4:30pm on Thursday 26 September.  Armed with a metal pole, the offenders dragged the victim out of the store before attacking him violently and fleeing from the scene where they met up with a third individual sought by Police.

Anyone with information about the armed robbery is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit: 


3. Catching out a cheating spouse may be easier than we thought after it was discovered their voice may reveal the truth.  Researchers in Pennsylvania believe a person’s voice alters noticeably when speaking to lovers as opposed to same-sex friends.  Test subjects were asked to speak to different individuals on the phone while asking the same set of questions, with independent raters later asked to make judgments on the sexiness, pleasantness and degree of romantic interest based on the tone of their voice.  The results showed they were able to differentiate between speaking to a lover or a friend.  Perhaps this provides further explanation why a cheater always contacts their flame out of ear shot.

Online Investigations


Online Dating fraudster arrested

4. 45 year old Daniel Olley, from Ipswich UK was jailed for four years after being found guilty of stealing money and cars from four ‘vulnerable’ women he met online.  Olley met his victims via the popular dating site, Plenty of fish, before gaining their trust and obtaining money and assets from them through false pretenses.    On jailing him for four months, Judge David Goodin described his actions as “horrid in the extreme”.

With a growing number of fraudsters using the Internet to find their victims, anyone who meets an individual online is recommended to obtain a CupidScreen (Online Dating Background Check) prior to entering into a committed relationship or financial transaction with their online date.




5. Facebook have now removed the setting ” “Who can look up your Timeline by name?” from their security settings.  Initially used to restrict users from locating an individual by typing their name into the Facebook search bar, this feature has since been removed since the introduction of Graph search.  For the limited users who had used this option, the ability to hide on Facebook had become obsolete due to the number of alternative methods of locating a profile (such as tagged images, friends lists, event attendees etc).  With the removal of this feature, it is a timely reminder for all users to check their security settings – your profile will become easier to locate but you can still remain in control of what your audience can view.


6. LinkedIN have recently announced they will introduce a ‘block’ feature which will give users the ability to prevent others users from viewing their public profile.  The blocking feature is already successfully used by other social networking sites as an attempt to control cyber stalking and harassment.  The introduction of this feature resulted from a petition launched on after a female was harassed via this site by her former employer. With the ability to hide your identity when viewing a profile, individuals with intervention orders against them have viewed the LinkedIN profiles of their victims in order to track their employment status, location and associates.

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