One ring phone scam: Don’t return calls you don’t recognise

Online Investigations Pty Ltd is warning everyone to watch out for a dangerous new phone scam making the rounds.

Termed the “one ring” phone scam – it involves receiving a call from a phone number you don’t recognise.

The call is nearly always connected for just one ring, hence the term, before the call is quickly ended.   All calls are placed from international numbers and include Country codes for places such as Cuba, Taiwan,  Ukraine and Albania.

The scam occurs if your curiosity entices you to ring the number back.

On returning the call, you are likely to be connected to an international hotline which will charge you a premium for connecting.  They may start playing hold music to keep you on the phone for as long as possible with the hope of charging you significant per-minute charges.  These hotlines are operated by the scammers.

In addition to the “one ring” scam, alternative versions of this scam include leaving voice messages stating you have a won a prize and leaving an international number to start the claims process.  They may even leave a message stating you have a sick relative overseas and needs your help.

There is a growing list of phone numbers which have been used in connection with this scam, however Online Investigations Pty Ltd has been made aware of the following numbers:

+53 2342 8726

+88 1996 20515

+88 2132 13340

+88 184 711 202

+53 2460 5387

‭+386 4 982 3544

+37 5602 60528

+53 2342 8726

+37 1279 13091

+37 1785 65072

+56 3225 53736


+255 9011 30460

If you receive a call like this and do not recognise the number of the incoming call, do not return the

Can you help us add to the list of known one ring scam phone numbers?


1 thought on “One ring phone scam: Don’t return calls you don’t recognise

  1. David Reply

    I have received a call from a 248 world area code that belongs to seychelles, unfortunately I have return the call but noone answer. When I googled it and I found that there is a scam where they ring once then people return the call subsequently they bill you for large amount of money. I make the mistake of ringing before i realised that it was a scam. I already have blocked that number.

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