NATIONAL MISSING PERSONS WEEK: July 29th – 4 August 2012.


“Take the time to let someone know”

Today marks the beginning of National Missing Persons Week which will run between July 29 – 4th August 2012.

This year the focus will be on preventing the 20,000 young people a year who go missing in Australia and aims to bring more awareness to the younger generation and encourage them to let someone know where they are or where they are going.

As part of the awareness, several videos will be shown to young people depicting scenarios such as they are running late, if their plans change, or need to ‘take some time out’. In each of these circumstances, they are encouraged to let someone who cares about where they are.

Private Investigators are regularly used to assist in missing persons cases.  This could be under a wide range of circumstances including young adults leaving the family home suddenly without contact, locating individuals who walked out on a family many years ago without any indication of where they were going to locating the biological parents of a child given up for adoption.

Missing person cases can certainly be one of the most saddest and most difficult that an investigator can be involved in.  In most cases, the clients are friends and family members of the missing who are beside themselves with worry and are at a point in their life which many people will never have to experience, let alone comprehend.  The use of a private investigator during these times can not only offer much needed support for the family involved, but also provide an additional resource which can complement work undertaken by other government agencies. Our aim as investigators is to leave no stone unturned.

Online Investigations are Private Investigators in Melbourne.  When it comes to missing persons cases, we will always encourage the use of Police.  Private Investigators should be considered as the additional option available to family and friends of the missing.

We would also like to mention the tireless work undertaken by Nicole Morris of the Australian Missing Persons Register.  A not-for-profit organisation, Nicole provides extensive support and dedication to the families and friends of all those missing throughout Australia.  Throughout this week she will be using her Facebook page to highlight the young adults who are currently classified as missing in Australia. 

Full details about Missing Persons Week can be found on the National Missing Persons site.