NAB Text Message Scam

Online Investigations is warning Australians and New Zealanders about a new text messaging scam.

The text message has been sent out in volume purporting to be from NAB bank (NabInfo) and advising the recipient of unusual activity on their NAB account.

The full message states:

“Your NAB account has been blocked for unusual activity.  Please log on to and follow the unlock procedure or visit or nearest branch”

The link has been created by cyber criminals and leads to a direct phishing attempt for the individuals true banking account details.

Personal information may also be put at risk.

Any unsolicited text messages from NabInfo should be ignored and deleted.

ID Care requests anyone who may have responded to the scam to contact them on AUS 1300 432 273 or NZ 0800 201 415.

Have you received this message? Let us know in the comments below so we can track this scam further.

1 thought on “NAB Text Message Scam

  1. Dorothy alison carter Reply

    I received a similar message whilst trying to access internet banking. I tried the known act no 1st and 3rd time. Pw.. 1st message, tried old pw message.. 3rd put through. Unknown pw. Only changed via phone last weekend and only a week before at nambucca branch.

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