Macaulay Culkin – Hooked on heroin? Pass the death sentence or engage a private investigator.

Neilsen has along history of alcoholism

Recent images of Home Alone star Macaulay Caulkin looking gaunt and sickly have resulted in the National Enquirer claiming he is a drug addict hooked on “hillbilly heroin”.  Further claims suggest his addiction is so bad he is suffering from a  $6,000-a-month drug habit this week.

This week we were also made aware of Brigette Neilson, the 49-year-old 80’s actress photographed sad, and drinking from a vodka bottle alone in an L.A. public park.

As Private Investigators in Melbourne we are only too familiar how drugs, excessive consumption of alcohol and other addictions such as gambling can ruin relationships and families. In these circumstances, before confronting your loved one you need to ensure your suspicions are correct – or expect immediate denial or even being written off by your loved one completely.

If you have concerns your loved one may be abusing drugs or alcohol, engaging the use of Online Investigations to conduct discreet surveillance can establish the extent of the addiction and provide solid evidence if the decision is made that follow up assistance or an intervention is required.

Unlike the National Enquirer, our methods of assisting with an individual suspected of abusing drugs does not involve publicly demanding a drug test.  There’s something to be said about discretion after all.

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