LATEST SCAM TEXT MESSAGE: Your Mobile# has won $330,000 AUD in Nokia FreeLotto.ref

Late last month we reported on the latest text scam hitting Iphone Apple users….well to ensure fairness (!) the scammers have now targeted Nokia users with this latest scam.

The message claims the recipients mobile number has won $330,000 AUD and in order to reclaim their prize they must provide their personal details to

From number: +353864413714

” Your Mobile# has won $330,000 AUD in Nokia FreeLotto.Ref No:NFL982. to claim send your Name,Email & Mobile to”

$330,000 does seem awfully exact!  Further investigation has identified the domain was registered in late July by a Chinese based company (Ename Technology Company) who were served in April 2012 with a Breach of Registrar Accreditation Agreement notice for failing to supply full details of the company office holders.

In any case this is a scam and anyone who has received this message or a similar version should ignore and delete it immediately.

As there is no indication how many individuals may have received this message, please share this message with your friends and family to ensure they are not caught out either.

As private investigators in Melbourne, so far we are only aware of this affecting Melbourne based individuals.  Have you received this message? Please let us know!

103 thoughts on “LATEST SCAM TEXT MESSAGE: Your Mobile# has won $330,000 AUD in Nokia FreeLotto.ref

  1. JackieO Reply

    Received a text message to say I have won $360,000 aud in Nokia free lotto.ref nonfl960 to claim send your name ,email and mobile to the number they sent the message on is 33699726503.i can see this is a scam I got the message 26/11/2012 at 17:07:09 just letting you know to help with catching these scammers

  2. Kristy Reply

    I just received the exact same text!! Knew it was a scam straight away!! $330 000 would be nice though haha 😉

  3. Mary Watson Reply

    I live in Albany WA and have received the same message about having won $360,000AUD in NokiaFreeLotto, so it is very widespread.

  4. Guest Reply

    I have recieved many of these messagers saying almost the same thing but different numbers, and you said that apple users get these messagers but my phone is not an apple it’s an asian brand

  5. Guest Reply

    These are the 3 numbers my phone has been able to track from these messagers:
    ps: thanks for this website, this was my first scam i have ever gotting in my life so please get the authorties to show these idiots justuce

  6. channykeo Reply

    Received a text message to say I have won $360,000 aud in Nokia free lotto.ref no:NFL960 to claim send your name ,email and mobile to the number they sent the message on is 33699726624.i can see this is a scam I got the message 11.28.2112 just letting you know to help with catching these scammers.

    • Nat Reply

      thats the same message that i got, and same “reference” number. different phone number though. wonder how many people they sent the same one too.

  7. karen ellison Reply

    I got one last night and they were kind enough to give me the “winning numbers” so guess what, the next time I play lotto here in aus I will use them, funny if they win eh.

  8. Bill Bailey Reply

    Hi, – yes, received a text today on my Aussie mobile number – said I’d won a million UK pounds on a set of numbers I hadn’t selected!! Too good to be true. Was advised to claim by emailing Senders mobile was +447825 730 255

    • herman munster Reply

      I don’t think you’re being fair, its christmas time and martin is just a really really generous chap because he just texted me to say i’ve won too. different number same email

  9. JackieO Reply

    Received a message from +44 7816 21268:

    Congratulations! Your mobile number was selected as a winner of 1,000000.00 FREE LOTTO with draw number (#98181) email for claims

  10. Tullia Reply

    Apparently I won a million pounds for doing nothing. That’s nice, but did they need to send this to me at 20 minutes past midnight. Grrrrr >:(

  11. Noel Powell Reply

    Hi everyone,

    I received a text message letting me know I was the lucky winner of one million British Pounds. ( Free Lotto )

    I replied, letting them know that I did not need the money and could they give it to a good cause.

    Cheers .. Noel

    • Maggie Grant Reply

      Oh good one Noel,I got same message &replied telling them to bugger off…scamme!

  12. rinal r r...... Reply

    got the same text on christmash day……just to let those poor buggers that i am to rich to take ur free money…..merry christmas

  13. Justin Reply

    I have had the same message on my iPhone the first time it was on the lock screen then a text. The main thing that was the most suspicios is that it says brittish pounds and I live in Australia. If they can access my lock screen this is partially concerning.

    • Ryan Reply

      I got one this morning on my lockscreen and no text yet, I live in Australia too, I’m just worried that they can access my lock screen

  14. Lorri Reply

    not only received the same email, not only this crap was notified by our bank that on the 21/12/2012 a family member had tampered with our account that hurts more than from a stranger

  15. Jewel Reply

    i received a text message from +46735701802. on my mobile phone, this message: your mobile # has won f990,000 pounds in nokia, Ref No. NFL964 to claim send your name, e-mail & mobile to


    • Sk.Zakir Hossain Reply

      I received a text message from +46736475703. on my mobile phone, this message: your mobile # has won f990,000 pounds in nokia, Ref No. NFL964 to claim send your name, e-mail & mobile to

      Sk.Zakir Hossain

  16. Jeffrey Reply

    i received message: Your mobile # has won $360,000 AUD in NOKIA free Lotto Ref No. NFL 960. to claim send your Name, Email & Mobile to From this number +46735701802.

    • Hanna Reply

      I received the same message today.
      Does anyone know how the scam works?

      • Online Investigations Team Post authorReply

        Thanks for your response. When we wrote our blog we had no idea how wide spread this scam was! We have had people respond to our article from all over the world.

        Essentially the information we have received back is that when someone responds they are sent an email back asking for further personal details about themselves. You’ll find they just keep asking for more and more of your personal details which they are most likely to sell on the black market. Personal details are a hot commodity these days.

        As you can see from the amount of replies the article generated, if they were genuine then there would be TRILLIONS of winners of a lottery they never entered!

  17. Lindy Reply

    I have read your warning online regarding Nokia freelotto and you mentioned to let you know if there is anyone else affected.
    I received a text today
    ” Your Mobile# has won $360,000 AUD in Nokia FreeLotto.Ref No:NFL960. to claim send your Name,Email & Mobile to

    This is information for your stats.

  18. kay Reply

    I too have received the Nokia Lottery message but recognized it for a scam…i could never be that lucky——-. checked it out on google and was proved correct. Thank you

  19. Pru Hux Reply

    I received same message this morning. My niece had my phone and gave my email address and mobile number. Since then had 2 emails from the cons!!! Went to my bank as a security to inform them that I had been contacted by these scammers. They have put an alert on my account. They can’t get to you with just your email address and mobile number….that is just the start of their scam.

  20. Kerstin Reply

    Received the Nokia scam for $330,000 from +34605441936 email

    i received text from nokialotto claiming i have won $350000au ref no nfl960 package verification code vpk77404/gb/668. i was the 4th winner out of 15 to have been randomly selected. i send my full name address mob no email to agent mr webb tyson from chrono express courier service in the uk phone +44770003. once you have sent your details they then ask you to pay for delivery of the prize. there are 3 options all of which are quite exspensive…please investigate as i am. a optus user from sydney wondering how my mobile no was selected…thank you

    • Linda Reply

      I am from Logan in queensland and received the same text from +447947491579
      Your Mobile# has won $360,000 AUD in Nokia FreeLotto.Ref claim send your Name,Email & Mobile to
      I sent the email and the same curior service asked my to send money via western union.
      I then didn’t reply
      They say not to share the email. I’m gunna share with everyone!!!

  21. Tricia Reply

    Yep this scam is still going around the world recieved yesterday.

    We have received your claims email, based on this, your prize money shall be remitted to you accordingly.

    On behalf of the Management and Staffs of FREELOTTO, we officially congratulate you as the beneficiary of the cash prize of $2,000,000 (Two Million United State Dollars) and your winning cheque will be issued in your name (Patricia Mokaraka).

    We advise you check the spelling and order your name is arranged so as to avoid problems at your local bank.

    The order is…. Surname :- / First name:-/ Other names.

    This is real and not a hoax. You can click on the website link below to view the photo page of some of our recent lucky winners.

    Your mobile number was randomly selected along with others from over 100,000 networks on the internet. Each mobile number was attached to a ticket number.

    A certificate of prize claims and some vital documents will be sent along side your winnings cheque. The documents to be sent are; Winning Cheque, Winners Certificate and Certificate Of Lodgement.

    Contact our Affiliate Delivery department with the contact information below for futher instructions on how to send your winning documents to your location.

    When contacting the Delivery department at, you should indicate your Winning Reference Number: TFR/9628334943/JPT and Batch Number: FR/35-1985-012 for confirmation.

    Find below the contact information of the delivery Agent for your immediate action.

    Handling Agent: Mr. Rickky Howard

    Head office: Unit 8, The Bell Centre,

    Newton Road,
    Crawley,W.Sussex,RH10 9FZ.

    Tel: +44-704-570-1327


    Have it in mind that your won prize cannot be deducted from , this is because the total amount has been insured to the real value . This is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the national gambling act as adopted in 1993 and amended on 3RD July 1996 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect winners and to avoid misappropriation of funds. Its is imperative that you add your IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS{CPEL/OWN/9876}as the subject of any correspondence with the delivery department to ensure they respond in a timely manner. I will require a concise update on proceedings with the firm as soon as you are in contact with them.If you need any assistance whatsoever, please do not hesitate to let me know and you are also advised to keep your winning strictly confidential until your winning is processed and received by you. This is to avoid double claiming which could lead to disqualification.

    Accept our congratulations.

    Fiduciary Agent,

    Mr. Williams Ford

  22. roberta edmonds Reply

    morning i recived a txt 8.06pm last night for 2,5000.000.00 draw number 98181 from the fording email mail address…was intresting thrught id won big time..hope this helps..thats not very nice maybe4 next time its the real thing could do with sum good luck for this year 2013…hapi new year unverise

  23. Adam Reply

    I got this today, the message popped up on the screen and ran some kind of script so my iPhone froze. There was a dismiss button at the bottom that’s didn’t want to press. I couldn’t use the double press to change apps. Had to activist Siri and ask it to search on google to get away from the message screen. Quite sinister – scams taking over phones. PM me for screenshot.

  24. Samy Reply

    Hi everyone .. I got the same msg yesterday and my friend provided my name and address and mobile number to them. I m so worried as they could steal my identity. What should I do now?? Plz advise somebody..

  25. Minja Reply

    Hi everyone, I got msg that my mobile phone #has won £990,000 pounds in nokia.FREE LOTTO 968 to claim send e-mail adress, phone no., and name to
    I’am from Croatia
    I read it, I ignored it, I wiped.
    Pay attention to such messages.

  26. Terry Dell Reply

    I live in Alberta, Canada and I just got a email from Miss Vanda saying that she needed help getting money out of a foreign account. I am to reply to I am sure it is a scam Sounds like the old Nigerian Letter scam. Do Not Reply

  27. Nat Reply

    I have recieved 2 messages from the free lotto, one from number +353864490810 and one from +46736347060. I live in Australia. Who is behind these scam messages? and are they the same people behind the Brian and Mary Lohse scam as well?

  28. Nik Reply

    We have had the same text in Australia this time from a UK number +44 7815697046 promising UKL990,000 with ref # NFL964

    I would like to know how they profit when their messaging must cost a fortune.

  29. Barlion Reply

    Mine shows no number and doesn’t say I won any money. It appears to be a message from a person that needs help to receive “unserviceable funds from their bank to a foreign account.” It asks to contact Miss Vanda Jaquim via her personal e-mail. I am in Singapore so it seems they are now after more then just Aussies.

  30. Susanne Reply

    Today I had the message on my mobile:
    Your Mail have won 2,000,000,00 pounds in the freelotto.
    To claimprize mail :martinparker31

  31. Nancy Reply

    I just got a spam txt from this 56788 company. Luckily, I decided to check it first and here, lots of information about this spam. There is no free money, when you bet nothing. Got to be alert!

  32. Imaguest Reply

    I received the same message at 9:09pm TODAY! I’m from south Australia in the river land. Good job keep catching these scammers!

  33. susima cuyao Reply

    almost 3days till now i’m recieving nonstop txt messages every hour that i won 990,000 euro i just ignore but till now i still recieve,beware.

  34. J Reply

    Received the msg in Sydney

    Your Mobile# has won $360,000 AUD in NOKIA/FREELOTTO.Ref claim send your Name,Email & Mobile to

    senders no: +353 (86) 442 4296

  35. Guest Reply

    Received this message this morning for $360,000 AUD. I’m in Adelaide and would love to know where this company got my phone number from!

  36. MAXIMUS Reply

    SCAMMERS if i catch u,u will win 360,000 punches…..wat u deserve for yr lotto bull,scammers go away….

  37. Graham Coles Reply

    I actually play the legitimate Freelotto, so when I received this text message I thought it was about that! The message was “Your mobile# has won $360,000 AUD in Nokia FreeLotto.Ref No: claim send your Name,Email & Mobile to” . The phone number it came from was +447947491587. I sent a reply asking if it was correct, but needless to say have not received a reply! Also tried to phone the number, but got a phone company message saying the number was not taking calls at this time. Hmmm, I wonder why?

    These scammers are the scum of the earth! I am in a financial position at the moment where that money would have got me out of a deep hole. I got quite excited until reality set in.

  38. AndrewR Reply

    Yup. got one today (11th April 2013). Funny thing is…I don’t and never have owned a Nokia. The other sad thing is that such an obvious scam…people still fall for it.

  39. Imee Alejo Reply

    i got the same message yesterday and did not reply as Im in doubt

  40. Dan Reply

    My girlfriend received it in London, with a winning price in pound. But actually, she was in visit here and she received it on a swiss number…STRANGE. It was on an iPhone.

  41. Ahmed Reply

    Got one of these scam texts about 5 minutes ago saying I won $360000, I live in Saudia Aribia

  42. jonayn Reply

    im in cairns and got the same txt message that i wont one million gbp .. from the UK

  43. Tiale Reply

    I got a message yesterday.. UR MOBILE NUMBER HAS WON 1000,000 IN APPLE FREELOTTO SEND UR NAME EMAIL AND NUMBER TO 00087554@987544…bustards…

  44. mret hana Reply

    today i had the message on my mobile
    your mobile #has won 990000 pounds in apple free lotto . refl968 .
    my name : mret hana .
    email : .
    mobile : 01224018165

  45. Ysmael Reply

    I live in the D.R and i have received this message Your number has won £750000 pound from Apple Inc, for claims send your details to our email: but i know what they want because i also have others message from negerian robbers.

  46. Moh Reply

    I received this SMS from : 00255682838906
    I am in Saudi, the SMS goes like this:

    “Your Mobile# has won 990,000 GBP in Apple Free Lotto .Ref No: AFL958. for details send your Name, Email & Mobile to

    I had recognized it immediately as a Fraud!

  47. muhammad asif Reply

    28sep2013 i receve a messege your mobile no won iphone draw my fone no 00966592022090

  48. madhusudan adhikari Reply

    2013/10/5 i am in saudi i am got this message.this number# has won 990000 gbp on iphone selected draws,send your name/email/cell numer:to draws@ for claims

    • Rob Reply

      I live in Sweden and I just got the same text message and I’m using telia.

    • madhusudan adhikari Reply

      today ihave got same phone no is 0596608011,please contact me.

  49. Blake Reply


    Got one on monday 21st oct 2013
    won 990,000 pounds in Apple Free Lotto
    Ref No: AFL 947 from number
    +353 (86) 739 2288

    weak. this is about the third one.

  50. mostafa Reply

    I got the message won £990,000.00 on iphone selected draws. my n. 0597394671

  51. nelisiwe ndlovu Reply

    I’m from south africa I jst got a msg sayin I’d won 99000 gbp mst send my email phone number to. Iphone select wowo am sooooo disssapointed and I dd enter an iphone competition

  52. Michael Reply

    Im frm South Afica i also got the scam msg jst last night tht winning of £990,000 they sent their massage using this number(+255015677930 sender’s number)

  53. gabriela Reply

    I receive this message today on my italian number : Your Mobile# has won £990,000 GBP in Apple Free Lotto .Ref No:AFL798 for details send your Name,Email & Mobile to

  54. Art Reply

    Congratutions Your Mobile number Has Won You The Sun Of £950,000.00 in Our FreeLotto Promo Ref- FLP14,
    To Clain email
    WIN2014@GMX.COM With Your Full Names & No

  55. Mamba Jamba Reply

    Congrats you have been chosen as one of our lucky clients to win $999,999. all you have to do is just scratch my ass and dig it nice and deep and if you find a cherry you will instantly receive your award.

  56. Bashir Ahmed Reply

    Sir I want to ask about the lottery detail as I received a message from Nokia pro that my number has been awarded with 10,000,00 so it that true or false I wanna know all the details my email address is and my cell number is 03337831010
    Plz tell me .

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