LATEST SCAM TEXT MESSAGE: Last chance to claim your $1,000,000 winning prize

Did you receive the latest scam text message?

Hooray, we’re all fake millionaires!

From number: +61434024025

” Last chance to claim your $1,000,000 winning prize courtesy of UK Mobile Lottery.  Ref No: UK728.  Call +447423226301 or email to claim”

If only we were all so lucky to win a prize we never even entered, let alone it being based internationally.

In any case this is a scam and anyone who has received this message or a similar version should ignore and delete it immediately.

As there is no indication how many individuals may have received this message, please share this message with your friends and family to ensure they are not caught out either.

As private investigators in Melbourne, so far we are only aware of this affecting Melbourne based individuals.  Have you received this message? Please let us know!

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