INFIDELITY: How to confirm if your partner is cheating – Private Investigators vs Modern Technology


INFIDELITY: How to confirm if your partner is cheating – Private Investigators vs Modern Technology

You’ve seen all of the signs, and now you’re looking for confirmation.  When you’ve reached this point, to obtain the peace of mind you require you’re left with the decision as to whether you’ll engage the use of a professional service or alternatively invest in some modern day technology. To help you in your decision process, Online Investigations Pty Ltd, your preferred Private Investigator Melbourne outlined the most common resources available to you – and the legalities you will face should you choose it.

Private Investigators:

“Honeytrap” investigators: For those who have been cheated on before or have concerns their partner may stray, they may turn to the services of these types of investigators.  Better known as a ‘honeytrap’, these types of investigators will start a conversation with your partner in a social setting (either in person or online) with the intention of seeing how far they can take it (ie exchanging of phone numbers, request for intimacy etc) .  A full report is then provided to you, sometimes with the inclusion of footage/recordings.

Legality:  Although LEGAL, most investigators frown upon this type of entrapment situation.  As the ‘honeytrap’ investigator used for these are based on your partners “ideal” (ie looks, interests, clothing sense), the argument is this type of scenario is creating a fantasy situation which may never actually occur in reality and does not actually prove whether your partner is currently being unfaithful.

Surveillance Investigators:  The tried and true method of catching a cheating spouse out.  If you’re looking for peace of mind as to what your spouse is doing during those ‘unexplained’ hours away from you, or alternatively what they are ‘really’ getting up to when they say they are going out with their friends – conducting surveillance remains the number 1 option for piece of mind.  Using a licensed private investigator removes the emotion out of watching your partner and reviewing the investigators footage of your partners night out allows you to see exactly the type of interactions and body language your partner is displaying towards other individuals.

Legality: Surveillance undertaken by licensed, professional private investigators is LEGAL.  Through training and experience surveillance investigators know the law (ie your  States relevant surveillance and devices Act) and produce their findings by way of a detailed report and footage which are both admissible in Court.  If you engage an unlicensed investigator or take matters into your own hands you could very well run the risk of being caught out, or having footage presented to you which has been obtained both unethically and in breach of State laws.

Online Investigators:  Do you truly know your partner if you have no idea what they are doing online? Where once being secretive with your mobile phone was an immediate cause for concern of cheating, in this day age it is all about your online activity. As more and more people learn how to log on and interact with other people online, so does the old lingering thoughts of “I wonder what my high school sweetheart is doing these days?”, or “I wonder if I Google my secret desires what will come up / who will share my thoughts?”.  Engaging an online investigator can uncover significant behaviours that are otherwise suppressed by your spouse in their everyday life and may just teach you something new about who your partner really is.

Legality: Online investigations conducted by licensed private investigators are LEGAL.  Using the skills, experience and resources these types of investigators are able to provide a detailed report on their findings based on information which has been legally obtained.  Don’t be fooled by databases online which offer similar type of services for a fraction of the cost – like most things these days, you certainly get what you pay for.

Modern Technology:

Forensic Recovery:  Does your partner never leave their phone out of their sight? Do they delete text messages as soon they receive them? Is their call history always blank?  Certainly one of the biggest red flags for suspicious spouses is the sudden change in their partners phone habits.  With the introduction of a wide range of mobile forensic software those deleted messages may still be able to be recovered.  Certainly the hardest part of using this technology is getting access to the phone itself – particularly when they don’t leave the phone out of their sight!

Legality: Lets be clear on this – if you don’t have the permission of your spouse to undertake this, then it is ILLEGAL.  Even if you do have permission from your spouse there is certainly no guarantee of recovering everything off the phone leaving you with the same unanswered questions and wondering why you didn’t leave it to the professionals in the first place.

Spyware:  With applications such as Stealthgenie and Spectorsoft on the market, once downloaded on a phone or computer, every single keystroke, website, text message and phone call are recorded and sent to your own inbox for your viewing pleasure.  Originally created with the intention of tracking your child’s or an employees online activity, suspicious spouses everywhere have seen the benefit of utilising these to discreetly check on their partners activity without their knowledge.

Legality: ILLEGAL.  Even if you own the computer/phone your spouse may be using – it’s safe to say if you’re using spyware for confirming infidelity then you will not have the permission of your spouse to record their activity.

GPS applications: With GPS technology becoming smaller and more affordable this has resulted in many suspicious spouses utilising this type of equipment to confirm their partners movements.  Certainly with the invention of smart phones having built in GPS systems, iphone applications such as “Findmyphone” have spouses desperate for the truth ‘accidentally’ leaving their phone in their partners’ cars in the hopes of tracking where they go.

Legality: While tracking an individual without their knowledge (or a Court Order!) is ILLEGAL, most individuals who have tried the cheaper applications will tell you the GPS location is typically unreliable and you may end up breaking up your relationship based on incorrect information.  Furthermore these pieces of equipment may tell you where your spouse my be but they certainly won’t identify who they are there with, and more importantly what they are doing.  Only a surveillance investigator can obtain this information for you.  **Editors note: Please check the laws of your State as the legalities of GPS tracking may differ in your location.

Hidden cameras: Once reserved for the likes of James Bond, these days a quick search online for ‘purchase hidden camera’ returns over 26,600,000 results!  The fast pace of technology has allowed video and recording devices to become smaller, more affordable and the quality even better.  With battery life lasting even longer, these days you can hide a hidden camera in almost anything – clocks, watches, pens, power plugs, teddy bears, smoke detectors – the list is endless!  For those who are concerned about who may be visiting their spouse when you’re not home, this type of equipment has allowed many to become their own DIY spy.

Legality: ILLEGAL (in the majority of circumstances) for this type of use.  For example, it is illegal in most states to record an individual without their express consent and it goes without saying that everyone should expect a reasonable sense of privacy particular in rooms such as the bedroom. Setting up hidden cameras / recording devices at your partners house will most likely end up in you seeing the footage played back via a Courtroom setting.

Online Investigations Pty Ltd are Private Investigators in Melbourne, Australia.  We provide a range of services including locations, surveillance, background checks, locating missing persons, genealogy and online based investigations.  To speak with one of our Melbourne private investigators use our contact form.

12 thoughts on “INFIDELITY: How to confirm if your partner is cheating – Private Investigators vs Modern Technology

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  2. Michelle Reply

    Would like to know the best way to investigate a 14yr relationship based on no commitment to me or his son mystifies me….. Eg. . Single parent state housing nothing in his or our name, FIFO , where’s the money?…messages and calls cleared, rarely here conversations, walks out the room all the time when speaking to whoever if it is who and what he says…
    But we when together isn’t even how it was any more and drifting fast.
    Costings for what and how long please need answers, don’t get anything but emotional manipulation from him!
    Thank you

    • Paula Reply

      Believe me throw him to the curb, he is cheating, I wonder what his name is. My husband plays that game and I am about to throw him a curve ball like he has never known. I am employing a private investigator to track him this time round when he fly’s in. My heart is breaking but I can’t do this anymore.

      After 20+ years of loving him, driving trucks to be with him, working 7 days a week beside him, fixing trucks with him (and believe me it wasn’t light work, things like changing gearboxes in the front yard) And finally raising his son from one of his love affairs, it has come to an end, no more can’t take the pain.

      Please Michelle learn from my mistakes, get rid of the BA because he is not worth the pain he is causing

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  4. Lucila Burdick Reply

    Hey! Great article. I was really amazed when I found out the advancements in technology and the role it plays in guiding private investigators to detect infidelty in a relation.Thank you for sharing the information.

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