IDENTITY THEFT: The most common risks you take online

Let’s talk about Identity theft.

If someone approached you on the street and asked for your personal details would you simply hand them over? Of course not –  we read important visual cues, their body language, ask questions and we make important decisions based on these whether we believe them, ultimately deciding whether we trust what they say.

As private investigators who regularly report on and investigate online scams, we continue to see the risks individuals take with their personal details on the Internet. It’s as though there is a natural instinct of believing something just because we read it – letting our guard down far too easily.

In addition to online scams, there are also several other ways you may be putting your personal details at risk which are summarised in the following infographic kindly put together by the team at “Top Criminal Justice Schools“.

The Stupidest Things You're Doing to Put Your Identity at Risk

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