IDENTITY THEFT: How to detect a card skimmer on an ATM

Police are looking for this man in relation to ATM skimming devices found in Brisbane. Source:

Police have issued a public warning after a highly sophisticated European skimming device was found on several Brisbane ATM machines.

The device can be installed on ATM machines within seconds, with a duplicate card reading device discreetly placed over the existing one.  When a user places their bankcard into the machine, the device copies the card details whilst a pinhole recording device records the pin entered.

Even if a user conceals their pin number using their hand as a shield, the skimmed details of the bankcard can still be used by cyber criminals.

With the devices now equipped with memory cards allowing for extended footage and built in micro-USB’s making the devices reusable, Police have issued a caution for anyone using an ATM to check whether the card entry system is loose which may indicate it has been compromised.

“Always give the card entry point a bit of a wiggle to make sure it’s firmly and completely attached.  It’s going to look flush but you’ve got a seam line on the outside which is not normally there.”

It is understood the Police are now searching for the man pictured in connection with these devices. Anyone with information is urged to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000.

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    This is called cyber crime. He is such a bad guy. Thanks for sharing.

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