HOLIDAY SCAMS: The Booster Bag (12 scams of Xmas edition)

The silly season is upon us!

While you may be relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family its no excuse to lax on your security and personal safety.  Over the next twelve days in the build up to Christmas, we will be highlighting the top 12 security issues that you should be aware of – and how to protect yourself from them.

This scam involves the criminal entering a public place , typically where there is a large amount of foot traffic.  In their possession they will be carrying a large bag which has a false bottom.  Their target will be an unattended bag or purse – they simply place their bag over it and a mechanism inside grabs hold of the item. As seen in the video, the whole process can be done quickly and efficiently.

How can you protect yourself? Always be self aware of where your personal belongings are.  If you’re in a public place, place your bag on your lap or alternatively lock the straps of the bag under your chair leg or via a handbag holder.

With thanks to our wonderful friend Alex Webley.

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