HOLIDAY SCAMS: Rental car scam (12 scams of Xmas edition)

The silly season is upon us!

While you may be relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family its no excuse to lax on your security and personal safety. Over the next twelve days in the build up to Christmas, we will be highlighting the top 12 security issues that you should be aware of – and how to protect yourself from them.

Rental car scam

Where are you headed on your holidays? If you’re on planning on using a rental car then this post will teach you a little known car rental scam.  While you’re more likely to be scammed if you let the rental company fill up the petrol, knowing about this scam leaves you better safe than sorry and should set off alarm bells in your subconscious to be wary the next time someone approaches you requesting your details next time you’re on holiday.

How can you protect yourself? Simple.  If someone approaches you on the street requesting your personal details whether for a survey or to win a ‘competition’ – don’t bother.  If you’re a tourist in the area you’re unlikely to be able to claim any prize offered and quite frankly, you’ve got better ways to spend your holiday filling out forms.

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