HOLIDAY SCAMS: Over-sharing online (12 scams of Xmas edition)

The silly season is upon us!

While you may be relaxing and enjoying time with friends and family its no excuse to lax on your security and personal safety. Over the next twelve days in the build up to Christmas, we will be highlighting the top 12 security issues that you should be aware of – and how to protect yourself from them.

Oversharing Online


With the popularity of the Internet increasing by the second so has the amount of information people are posting online about themselves.   Social networking and and online interactions has meant people are sharing crucial details about their lives through status updates, location check-ins and hashtags.

Oversharing online has allowed criminals to become aware of your daily activities, and especially over the holiday period – when you intend on taking your holidays.  If you’re posting happy snaps of your holiday in Bali and checking into the full moon party in Thailand then depending on whose watching – you may also be alerting criminals that there’s no-one home.  Some of you may not think alerting others you’re on holiday is an issue since you’re not providing details of your home address – however these days a simple google search may provide more information about you than you realise, including your residential address.

How can you protect yourself? There’s no time like the present to review the social networking sites you and your family are on and confirm the current level of security you all have on each of the profiles.  We also recommend aggregate sites such as where you can type your username in and review whether your security settings are revealing your location.

To read more about oversharing online and burglary:

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