Have you seen missing woman Jill Meagher?


EDITORS NOTE: It is with a heavy heart I write this.  The worst possible outcome for this story has now become a reality.  In the future the time may be right to discuss the important role surveillance and online based investigations had in this matter – but it’s certainly not the right time now.  The outpouring of grief from around Australia and Ireland has shown the true extent in which this case touched each of us and reinforced our streets may not be as safe as we had grown to believe.  

26/09/2012 Police have released the following CCTV footage clearly showing Jill speaking with a male in blue hoodie.  Do you recognise this man?

[0:04] Male with blue hoodie walks past alone

[0:58] He now returns walking back the other way

[1:48] Same male is seen speaking with Jill Meagher


Police are investigating the strange disappearance of 29 year old Irish National, Jill Meagher who has not been seen since early Saturday morning.

Jill was last seen leaving a Brunswick bar around 1:30am where she had been drinking with some of her colleagues from ABC radio.  Turning down her friends offer to walk her home, it is understood her home was only a short 5 minute walk away.

A Facebook page and Twitter campaign have since been launched to help Police with the search.

We urge anyone with any information, no matter how small, to come forward and immediately contact Police.

Our thoughts are with Jill’s family and friends at this time.

Please help spread the word.