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Are you concerned the person you (or a friend/family member) are speaking to online may be a romance scammer? Online Investigations Pty Ltd, your preferred Private Investigator Melbourne, has put together some fantastic initial steps to identify for free whether you may be speaking to a scammer.  The more questions you can answer YES to, the higher the likelihood you are speaking with a scammer.

If things don’t sit right with you – then obtain a CupidScreen scam analysis report and have it confirmed either way by a licensed private investigator.  We are professionals and have the experience, resources and compassion to find out the truth.

To find out the likelihood whether you are being scammed*, ask yourself the following questions:

THE BELOW IS AN EXTRACT OF QUESTIONS ONLY! To view the FULL list of questions and to confirm whether your Date is a scammer – download our NEW app available on iTunes!

 Initial Contact:

  • Did your Date make the first initial contact?
  • Was their initial contact suggesting you leave the dating site and immediately continue speaking either by email, mobile phone or instant messenger?
  • Have they provided a “Yahoo” email address? (most preferred email account due to access to Instant Messenger)
  • Are they based internationally – or – do they claim to be from the same country as you, but currently based internationally (either on holiday or on work)?
  • If based in the United Kingdom:  Does their phone number begin with +44 70 ?  (A call forwarding number which gives the appearance they are UK based, however can be accessed worldwide)

Appearance and History:

  • Time to face facts – Is your Date much better looking than people you would usually date in real life?
  • Do the photographs they provide look professionally taken?
  • Is their online profile written in capitals?
  • Do they have a reference to God and strong moral values on their profile?
  • Do they state “am…” instead of “I am”  eg “am Richard” or “am looking for love”.
  • Should their spelling/grammar be of a higher standard?
  • Do they claim to be widowed or have lost a close family member to a car accident or cancer?
  • Are they a single parent?


  • Do they claim to be employed  in any of the following professions or working in the following locations:

Construction, Gem Buyer, Oil Rigs, Military, Undercover Agent, WHO Volunteer

Romance and contact:

  • Have they asked you to take down your dating profile immediately?
  • Do they refer to you as “my dear”  or “my love”?
  • Have they quickly professed their love for you within a very short space of time?
  • Do they contact you either by email, text, phone, instant messenger more than 5 times a day, every day?
  • Do you spend hours in one sitting communicating with them – particularly by instant messenger or text?
  • For those who use webcam – Do they complain of webcam issues causing it to pause or not work? If you ask them to grab an item from behind them are they able to do it on command?
  • Do they email you poetry?

If yes – go into one of these emails and select a portion of the poem which is the most romantic.  Highlight the sentence and copy it (ctrl button + c) then go over to a search engine and in the search box paste (ctrl button + v) the sentence using quotation marks around it eg ” your eyes are like pots of gold at the end of the rainbow”.  Are any other identical poems returned?

 Requests for money:

  • Have you met them on a friendly basis online without meeting them in person yet and they have asked you for money?
  • Is their preference for money being sent to them via Western Union or Moneygram?
  • Have they asked for money to be sent to them, but the account holder or receiver is in someone elses name?
  • Do they get angry if you advise you are unable to send them money?


  • Have they missed a planned arrangement to meet?
  • Do they continue to have excuses why are they are unable to meet or break their promises why they can’t meet?
  • Do they get angry if you question their intentions?

The more questions you answer “YES” to, the higher the likelihood you are dealing with a scammer.

This test covers the most common techniques used by scammers – however in actual fact, there are many more. If you have concerns you may be dealing with a scammer, we recommend requesting a CupidScreen scam analysis.  Your situation is personally investigated by a licensed experienced private investigators and identifies the red flags and likelihood you are are dealing with a romance scammer.  If in doubt – CUPIDSCREEN it out! A scam analysis report can be ordered via the CupidScreen background checks page.

* Note: This test applies to romance scams which originate from Nigeria and are otherwise referred to as 419 scams.  The term “419″ refers to the section for Fraud under Nigerian legislation.

The CupidScreen service is a niche service operated by Online Investigations Pty Ltd and created by private investigator Julia Robson.  Her success in assisting victims in romance scams included travelling to Malaysia to assist in the arrest of an organised group of Nigerian born romance scammers who had scammed over 81 Australian women.  The arrest was filmed by the 60 Minutes crew and can be viewed here – “The Love Trap”

Online Investigations Pty Ltd are a private investigation company based in Melbourne, Australia.  Experienced private investigators and detectives in Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia and Worldwide. Servicing Canberra, Sydney, Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and International.

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    • Anonomous Reply

      I have been chatting to a “guy” who I found out after half a day’s investigation by myself on internet that he is using a person in the Netherland’s photo and name himself Brad Krinikor he even set himself up with a LinkedIn page. He is on Singles2meet site

      • D Reply

        I was also scammed and have had my life ruined because of a man named Denis Alex Morgan and he’s wife Katrina Lopez Moore

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I was scammed by a Joseph Morrison or his other name is Joseph Stalin Odoi or Odio and he is currently in Liberia as far as I know. I am not sure if his intent was to scam me intially or just try to get some help as he was a Liberian refugee in a refugee camp in ghana. I did do my research and got in contact with a local church who put me on to the camp social worker who also said that some of theses people only survive by people sending money – the camp councellor never asked for money from me. I met Joseph on a christian chat room not even a romance chat room just christian chat cant remember which one it was along time ago now probably yahoo or something. he told me how it was in the refugee camp and he was very very thin in his photos It was me that offered to send a little for him to not worry about food. But it soon escualted it was sooo emotionally wearing as he had a little daughter he also got me involved with there was just one thing arfter another and it took me many years to get out of it. And it was bad timing I had inherited money from my mum. Anyways you have this persons name and he was supposed be very sick at least 2 years ago I sent him to India to a cancer hospital for cancer treatment but the wheels fell off it for many reasons and he went back to liberia without even having the full treatment as I wanted hospital reciepts and all of a sudden he was fine and was going back to liberia. it was a big arguement to try and keep him to have the treatment and I thought to myself in my marriage it was never like this and well he went back to Liberial dispite me trying get him to have the treatement (im guessing he never needed now) I had to keep telling myself it wasnt real when ever I would get emotional about it or start thinking it was real I would tell myself it was just a dream I had its not real which helped me out of it but I lost alot of money through it. And I am on the bones of my bum now just threw deciding to be kind and send a little to help. Anyways you have his name and if you want to ask me any questions your welcome

  3. Johanna Reply

    That is very fascinating, unfortunately it only confirmed what I knew all along.
    Scammers can go rot in hell. I was scammed by a guy that took all my money.

  4. Debbie Reply

    i have been talking to him for 1 yr to this
    guy says he is in Ado Ekitia Nigeria on a
    special mission. He says he can leave
    now his mission is done there but says
    he needs 1350.00 for camp dues! I thought
    the army pays for you to leave! He is mad
    now at me so say he i do not help now he
    is going to kill himself I n

    • julie hague Reply

      i had the same thing done to me take no notice they are scamming you tell him to go to hell and dont talk to him again thats what i would do

  5. anonymous Reply

    Boy I was stupied. After 7 years being divorce this guy knew how to play me. I fell right into his trap. His friend Jaden was on this dating site it all seen sincere that he was getting off the site he found his mate told me about his friend David;that he like my profile. So I e-mail him back & forth for 3 months. David was a engineer contractor travels a lot; from somewhere in New York.His trip to Africa for some reason lost his phone; computer;camera. Why didn’t I see the red flag.So I gave him the number to order the replacement; then I had to pay the shipping.Ship it out to him.Once he got it. The e-mails; calls got fewer & fewer.I saved all the e-mails; texts from him promise to pay me back.What was I thinking. I kick myself; so now I have to pay $3000.00 plus interest.All I have is his e-mail; phone number. That could all have change.On top of it; he kept using my card. Stop all that got a new card. It makes me sick to my stomach.I never let anyone in my life use my card; nor lend money out. Anyone somewhere in new York watch out dor David Alexdender biggest scammer.

    • Lisa Reply

      sounds like a guy I am dealing with only his name is David Duggan same crap about being an engineer, travel, Ghana S. Africa, Said he was from Arvada, CO. I saw his picture on a FB account under Perry Williams. He had the same sad my wife died of breast cancer 5 years ago story. He says he is from Germany.

      Oh yes and when he went to Ghana, he lost all the same stuff. He is a scammer for sure. Do you still have his phone number or email address.

  6. Juan Reply

    My friend meet a guy online. He is from Trinidad. They have been corresponding for a few month now. He was in the US when they first hooked up online. But has since then went back to Trinidad because his father passed and ” left him a lot of money”…..
    He has been there since April and has exhausted all of his funds trying to get the money that was left for him back to the U.S. My friend has send him money and what makes me nervous is thT on a couple of occasions supposedly his friends sent him money, but they did not send it directly to him. The funds were put in my friends account and she wired it to him in Trinidad. It sounds a little fishy to me and I don’t want my friend to get hurt.

  7. anonymous Reply

    I am currently chatting to a James Amador Hudson, claiming to have just finished a contract with an oil and gas company and the government won’t release his payment due to the anti terrorism laws, he needs 12000 pounds (uk) to pay for 4 attourneys, he has asked me to send him whatever I can afford e.g a few thousand, and he will pay me back with interest, at the moment I am on line looking at ways to try and make this all back fire on him as they are all low life, I know I am lowering myself to his level but they have no right to treat people like this and need to have a bit of there own back, I have no intentions of sending money to which I have none to send I just want this game to be turned around on them and while I am doing this maybe they will be leaving some other misfortunate female alone

  8. Bb Reply

    I was stupid fell hook line and sinker for quite along time was running backward and forwards to listen union because I was muilipatised and I was cut off from every one the do so much damage my family thought it was real
    But only humiliate and stressed out why would not stop asking now ive been hit on loads of time didn’t this is be Robbed on dating site but more clued up now and the love and wanting to be with but you have to pay my fare group yet TOTALLY not going there again .

  9. julie hague Reply

    these people are very clever they have a normal conversation with you then they tell you that they are falling for you then they tell you they love you forever and cant wait to be with you then the big one BUT i need ex amount to buy myself out the army or i have no family my wife was killed i have ex amount of homes they own they promise you the world but at the end of all this you are left broken hearted and skint, so lets all stand together and stop these low lifes

  10. Jackie Wilson-McMahon Reply

    I am in the process of being scammed by a person call Raymond Smith from Quebec but in the Army in Syria a doctor?? He has a son, who also corresponds with me Kelvin ‘little/Urlich’ he lives in England , they then gave me an email address of a lawyer Asan Mantu. I have email addresses if you require for all of them. As your list states on are you being scammed is so right ! I have been playing this game with a few over the past 12mths, reeling them in and as you say same stages. This one was extra cool. But as you listed as soon as he asked for money, and I said I was on an aged pension and had no savings, the love letters stopped and very curt statements .. LOL I would love to help in any way I can.

  11. Mike Kilbride Reply

    him 2 weeks ago young lady said she was from Burnsville West Virginia her name was Lisa Nations okay she was going to come up and see me she needed gas money so I was going to send $100 through Walmart her name changed and went from Lisa Nations intentionally gave Walmart the wrong name so she couldn’t pick it up well the next day she calls she is I can pick up the money names wrong I said show your driver’s license Tommy Lisa Nations and you can pick up the they couldn’t do it I got the money back right away I did give her a chance Fisher Tommy Lisa Nations but she showed me one on the internet and I figured out how she made it on the internet internet dating is not safe

  12. [retracted] Reply

    hi my name is [retracted] im concerned about a man im dating on facebook if hes really army or a scammer i have been asked to send money for hes leave to a email usmilitarystore,army@outlook.comis this a scam email address

    • Online Investigations Team Post authorReply

      Hi there, unfortunately and similar type free based ‘army’ looking email addresses are extensively used by cybercriminals to trick online victims into sending money to them. DO NOT under any circumstances send this individual any money – they are not who they claim to be and have no intention of having a true relationship with you. They are simply another romance scammer.

  13. Amalia Montes Reply

    My name is Amalia Montes i was charting with Noble Melvin Maxwell, I was texting back in forth with with him for 21 month’s and keeps saying he can not go back to the states, because he got a bof and a company in nigeria and he need’s the certificate to go back to USA,so i got in contact with the supposed monar shipping company and they asked to me for $34.000.00 USA i told them he’s not my husband to fixed he’s problem’s i belived he is a scammer I’ll being asking him for more photos from hes son and he told me he doesn’t Have it. I don’t accept any friendship requests. I will blocked them rigth away. Be carfull .don’t believed them………. i meet one guy true meet me,his name supposed to be Jimmy Fox he supposed to be a chiropractor he was asking me for $500.00 USA money watch out there men/women money hungry

  14. Amalia Montes Reply

    Amalia Montes .regards about Jimmy Fox i told him if you are a Doctor you begging for $$? He told me i got problems with my phone i told hin im not going to fixed your problems .and i told him you are a scammer. He called me and hes accent is terrible,he supposed to leave in Dallas texas in……Noble Melvin Maxwell in Houston Texas and hes son’s name is Richy be carfull hes wife died of cancer..

  15. Amalia Montes Reply

    My name is Amalia Montes.
    Just recently, i’ve hust send a message regarding, Noble Melvin Maxwell
    He’s number 1 (872)221-4194
    He changed he’s number 3,times in one year ,I’ll asking to him why he changef hes #?? He toldme the company kca deutag Drilling company off shores in Nigeria for proteccion, Noble supposed to have a son 9 year’s old i he’s in a boarder school

    Jimmy Fox he is in meet me he supposed to be a Doctor Chiropractic, in leaves Dallas Texas and he has a daughter 6 years old?? I dont know. Thank you to allowed me to share this story,hopefully helps another’s
    Amalia Montes God may Blesd you.all

  16. Margaret Reply

    Could you please help me . I think I’ve been scammed by a guy useing the name
    James Metcalf from west ghana , always asking for funds for medical help , said he has a son in the states , but is stuck in ghana because he owes money to the hotel where he is staying ,

  17. jack Reply

    Her name Josephine Tima, Kumasi, Ghana, half filipino/ghanian, 28-30yrs old, 5′ tall. pretty. met on linkedin and transfered to whatsapp. said father left her millions in gold bars, needed $8700 for legal fees to get them released,
    Very good at this con, was in contact for 5mts before asking for money, small at first then the big one for the gold which she did not get, cot off all contact when i said i contacted the Kumasi chief of poliece

  18. Katrina Reply

    I was scammed by a man named Denis Alex Morgan aka Katrina Lopez Moore, Denny Morgan, sue Turner , Dave Levy , Nicole cutler , they call it help when asked for wanting the money back

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