February 13 is “Mistress Day” – Do you know where your partner is?

mistress dayDespite the majority of couples writing off Valentines Day (February 14) as a day which only benefits florists, card manufacturers and chocolate suppliers, it’s safe to say most of us feel obliged to at least spend it with our partner as a sign of our ongoing affection towards them.  So what if your partner is in more than one relationship?

Suspicion of Adultery has, and always will be, one of the main reasons an individual will contact a Private Investigator.  Further to our previous blog about the options available to you if you think your partner is cheating, one thing is for sure, if you think your partner is cheating and you’re considering hiring a private investigator, February is the optimum month to conduct surveillance.  Better still, February 13 is the day to confirm your suspicions and obtain the piece of mind you’re desperately searching for.

Better known as “Mistress Day”, February 13 has been widely regarded as the day cheating spouses take their ‘bit on the side’ out in absence of being able to spend Valentines Day with them.  Despite thinking you may have the upper hand since they choose you to be with on the most romantic day of the year, unfortunately in this situation, everyone loses.

Explaining the psychology behind why there are no winners, Dr Bonnie Eaker Weil explains, “Aside from the issue of the affair in the first place, the mistress is going to feel second fiddle for being taken out on the 13th, which will often lead the man to purchase more expensive, romantic gifts for her – they’ll get diamonds or jewelry for their mistress and gift their wife with something like a blender or a practical gift. The wife will be taken out on the 14th but men often buy their wives something less romantic.”

As Private Investigators in Melbourne (with agents located throughout Australia), Online Investigations recognises the importance of having piece of mind and offers a wide of solutions to confirm whether your partner has been unfaithful.  We have carefully hand-selected our surveillance agents and are proud of the results we have been able to provide our clients, time and time again.

For those of us already in a relationship, with the knowledge that February 13 is better known as “Mistress Day” with the investigation industry, it’s safe to say we will all be keeping a close eye on our partners movements over the next week.

Online Investigations Pty Ltd are Private Investigators in Melbourne, Australia.  We provide a range of services including locations, surveillance, background checks, locating missing persons, genealogy and online based investigations.  To speak with one of our Melbourne private investigators use our contact form.

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