FACEBOOK SCAM: Get free $500 Coles Voucher Now (47 Left)

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This scam first came about in October 2011, however appears to be making the rounds again and tricking unsuspecting Australians nationwide.

Operating on Facebook, a link will appear on your newsfeed and encourages whoever clicks on the link to repost the link on their own wall with the added comment “Thanks Coles”.

“Get Free $500 Coles voucher now (47 left)

Claim your Free $500 Coles Voucher.  Only a few left”

On its own Facebook page today, Coles told its followers, “Please be aware that these are a hoax and have no connection to Coles.

“It’s also a reminder to be careful when sharing personal details.”

The scam, originally bought to attention back in October 2011, has resurfaced again this time referring those to the Internet site set up by scammers, http://www.freevouchergift.com.  This website was recently created on the 24th July 2012 and not suprisingly is hosted with “RapidJoke”.

All individuals who have seen this message should immediately ignore and delete it.

Have you seen this message or another variation? Please let us know!