FACEBOOK HISTORY SEARCH: The new tool for Parents (….or confirming a cheating spouse)


With the recent announcement Facebook had leaked over 6 million personal details of Facebook users, it’s of no surprise to most of us that since opening an account, Facebook have been keeping a record of everything we ever searched for.   For some of us that may involve admitting to the “curiosity” search to see what our ex-partner has been doing since breaking up all those years ago, or searching for the personal Facebook account of your best friend’s new boyfriend.

Provided you have access to the profile, The Facebook search history can also prove to be an important tool when understanding an individual’s online behaviour.

Whether you’re a concerned Parent or worried your partner is cheating….the Facebook search history can help you obtain the piece of mind you’re looking for.

How to view Facebook search history 

(NB: Facebook search history can only be viewed on an account you have access to).

1. While logged into the Facebook account you want to search the history for, go to their Profile and click on the “Activity log” option at the right of their page.


2. Under the Activity Log options (on the left hand side of the screen) click on the “More” option.


3. Choose the “Search” option at the bottom of the extended options.


4. View the complete search history for that Facebook profile!


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