Educational Purposes Only: How to get the password of any Facebook account

The latest scam making the rounds claims you can obtain the password of any Facebook account by following a few simple steps.

Originally posted by the Facebook page created in the name of “Califinia University Projects” the post claims to show step by step instructions how you can obtain the password of any Facebook user.

100% True? No chance!! | Source: Facebook



















H*A*C*K “Facebook” in 2 Min. (SEE DESCRIPTION) (100% True)

1. Click Here –

2. Copy the Code there

3. Go to your friend’s account

4. Right Click

5. Go to “Inspect Element”

6. Go to ” Console” (Chrome=F12 | Firefox = Ctrl + Shift + K)

7. Paste the Code

8. Press Enter.

Please Use this Only for Educational Purposes. 🙂

Those who attempt this “Hack” will quickly realise they have been caught out and it is simply another viral scam.

The “code” is in fact a javascript to mention every Facebook friend the victim of the scam has in the comment section under a specific post. Of course, you can guess that the specific post in this instance, is the original scam post.

SCAM! All the code does is tag your whole friend list at the bottom of this post | Source:Facebook


2 thoughts on “Educational Purposes Only: How to get the password of any Facebook account

  1. private detective lancaster Reply

    Surprising that people still fall for these things. I suppose it’s just a need to know secrets that does it. A greed for knowledge!

  2. helen c Reply

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